Another Slash Tunic!

Hey everyone! I recently created a piece just for fun and I'm so proud of how it came out, that I wanted to share! I used the George and Ginger Slash Tunic pattern and modified it just a touch to make it work with my panel size. The Boho Queens panel on the front is from Aurora Designs. It was printed on athletic brushed poly and while I probably should have used it for my kids since it was a smaller panel, I loved the feel of it so much that I had to make myself something with it! 

#BPFRound13 Halloween: Beanpop Fabrics & Back to School Hoodie: Duck Butt Designs

I had the pleasure of sewing these zombie strike offs for the ladies from Beanpop Fabrics. The french terry base was probably one of my favorites, ever. The prints were full of lots of detail as well. Truly gorgeous fabric.    The new hoodie from Duck Butt Designs is incredible, also! I love the huge front pocket and adore the color blocking options. They've always had such cute stuff and I'm so thrilled I got to help test it! You can find the pattern here...