Rockabilly Sparkle Round: Moonbeam Textile Company

from Ellie and MacFor this round, I mashed the Ellie and Mac Be Edgy girls shirt with the Kaitlyn dress bottom to create one of my all time favorite pieces. This panel is one that I identified with in a big way, since Aquiila grew up dancing before she could even stand. I love the way the sparkle plaid coordinate went so well with the panel. The base was cotton lycra and it was perfect. Thick and soft and lovely to sew up. I hacked up a few older dresses to create the ruffles and in the end, it was so worth it, because I love this dress!

You can find all current retail and preorders from Moonbeam Textile company here:


_48A3660 copy_edited-1 (1) copy_48A3715 copyDSCF6464DSCF6481DSCF6556

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