My Favorite companies & affiliate links

Hello friends! I love supporting other small businesses. I have been a member of the online sewing community for a couple years now and love how giving and supportive everyone is. We would love to have you join us! The links to the individual sites are below,  but if  you search this blog for a company name, odds are you can find their Facebook group link, too! If not,  just ask and I’ll find it. 🙂

Affiliate Links

I have several companies that I work closely with. These companies are all incredible, top notch companies. They each have qualities that make them unique, but more important than that, is what they have in common. That is: they have the most amazing customer service, fastest shipping, best products and the most accomodating owners. These are all my favorite companies for good reason. The main reason is that I am proud to stand by them and reccommend them to my friends and family. The second reason is that I love what they make and do so much, I just can’t help BUT to share!

These affliate links will: 

  •  get you a discount on my favorite things
  •  let my friends/these businesses know that you found them through me.
  •  Sometimes, I earn a small percentage of the orders that are placed through my affiliate links. These compensations go right back into my sewing supplies…more fabric, patterns, notions and machine repair. I love sharing what I do and make. By using these links, you allow me to continue doing so!

Thank you sew much!

April Simpson-Hunt

*these links are in no particular order. Just included them as I found them 🙂

aurora designs

rp custom and rogue patterns

Holiday Gift Shop



moonbeam logo

moonbeam logo



Bloggin' Mamas


Thanks so much for reading and for supporting my business!

Much love, XOXO, 

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