I’ve moved! You can now find me on mermaidmamadesigns.com

Hi everyone! I suppose I should have posted this here when I first switched over, but time got away from me and #mombrain happened. Sorry! If you are a follower and enjoy reading my posts (or just put up with me), would you please consider coming over to my new blog at Mermaidmamadesigns.com and following me there? 

Thankful sewing blog tour

Hi everyone and welcome! I’m so thrilled that you’ve stopped by! I’m honored to be part of the Thankful Sewing blog tour, hosted by  Sewing by Ti, Sewing with Sara and Mahlica Designs! The theme was thankful sewing, so I decided to make something for hubby, to show him how grateful I am for allContinue reading “Thankful sewing blog tour”

My new toy: a Nikon D5600 Camera

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by!   I finally upgraded my camera! If you have been around me for a little while, then you probably know that I’ve been struggling with/whining about my point and shoot/bridge camera now for over a year. While I love learning how to take photos, editing them, andContinue reading “My new toy: a Nikon D5600 Camera”

Find me on BlogLovin’!

Hey everyone! Just a quick note to say that I’ve finally caught up with the times. 🙂 You can now find me on Bloglovin’. I’m still not exactly sure why I need to be there AND here…but I believe it has to do with the fact that my friends are split about 50/50 between wordpressContinue reading “Find me on BlogLovin’!”

Rave & riot: a love story

Every Hello everyone! Thanks so much for coming by! I’ve been a bit busy as of late, but wanted to be sure and share one of my latest pattern test with you, as it’s an incredible one! I’m a big fan of Kristi, over at George and Ginger Pattern Company. Every time I test forContinue reading “Rave & riot: a love story”

Duchess & Hare go swimming

Hey yall! How are you? Hope this post finds you well! I’ve been a busy little beaver, sewing my way through a couple loads of strike offs and doing a couple pattern tests. Things always seem to come to a head at the same time for me. No matter how strategically I plan everything out,Continue reading “Duchess & Hare go swimming”