ADHolidays : A Patterns for Pirates Slouchy Headwarmer

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a fabulous day today! At Aurora Design Fabrics, we are featuring our favorite free tutorials and patterns through the entire month of December. Patterns for Pirates recently came out with a new freebie, so I sewed it up to share with you!

Aurora Designs Holidays: A new color blocked P4P Slouchy Beanie from Elizabeth!

Today’s tutorial comes from Elizabeth Blanchard, one of the Aurora Design Fabrics admins. She has made a video tutorial to show how she colorblocks her free Patterns for Pirates slouchy Beanies

Top 10 favorite women’s winter pdf sewing patterns from indie designers 

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! I was scouring the internet today, trying to find a list of great winter patterns to share with my friends in the Aurora Designs Facebook group….and I couldnt find one. It’s not that I couldn’t find one, rather, that I couldn’t find one that featured indie designers. I found a few roundups featuring designers that I’ve never heard of and some featuring the big 4 commercial pattern companies. I decided quickly that this was something that had to be remedied.  And despite the fact that I’m currently on the hook for 10 loads of laundry, a couple loads of dishes and sever final pics for pattern tests…I would be the one to do it.
Today’s roundup is all about women’s patterns. I  will be posting a follow up list of men’s, then children’s winter patterns some time in the next week or so. I’m not going to go in any particular order. No favorites here! If you have any question’s or would like more info, please drop me a comment or message and I’ll be happy to help!

Julianne Blog Tour: DIBY Club

Hello and welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be a part of the Do It Better Yourself Club’s Julianne blog tour and can’t wait to share my version with you! Please stay tuned (or scroll down) all the way to the end, as there are a couple giveaways included in theContinue reading “Julianne Blog Tour: DIBY Club”

Stardust Textile Company’s Broadway round & a Star shaped skirt hack

Hi! Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for stopping by! I recently received a set of strike offs from  Stardust Textile company, and I just had to share them, as they’re probably some of the best prints I’ve worked with! I have sewn a number of times now for Moonbeam Textile Company, but haveContinue reading “Stardust Textile Company’s Broadway round & a Star shaped skirt hack”

My recent revelation, plus a Patterns for pirates sweetheart mash/hack 

Howdy! I recently decided that I was doing too much, so I began to take things down a notch. At this point, most of the sewing I do is for pattern testing and strike off sewing….and while I absolutely love it, it doesn’t exactly pay any bills or generate income. In all actuality,  it endsContinue reading “My recent revelation, plus a Patterns for pirates sweetheart mash/hack “

This new round from RP custom fabrics will rock your world…quite literally! 

HI all! Hope this post finds you well, out there in your home, fabric land, the online sewing comminity, somewhere with more crazy kids than you know what to do with….or wherever you are. 🙂 happy summer! This is, hands down, my favorite time of year. Every year, around this time, “the funk” (seasonal depression)Continue reading “This new round from RP custom fabrics will rock your world…quite literally! “