ADHolidays: Ornaments a plenty

Hi everyone! For today’s #ADHolidays freebie, I started to make a video, but figured it was easy enough to figure out, so here it is! I used the Made for Mermaids Christmas ornament pattern from last year to create these super sweet ornaments for our tree, using my Aurora Design Fabric scraps! It’s the perfect project to involve the kids.

Reblog: Wild & Wanderful’s beautiful cut file – “Quality People Never Fear Equality”

thank you, Katy McKinley, for being yourself (so sweet), for standing up & speaking the truth/what’s right. And thanks for the fun freebie, too! 

Catching up: Projects lost in the shuffle of the #momlife

This post is going to serve as a catch up post. While I love to sew and love to share, I have kids a fairly busy life, which means that often, things don’t get shared. I’m really tired of looking at my pretties and realizing I didn’t share them. Sewing, for me, is all about the tangible item/reward that comes from it, as well as the feeling of having completed something. Lord knows, nothing else in this house ever feels like it’s really “completed”. (Laundry or dishes, anyone?…

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie individual sensory bins (preschool / kindergarten) 

I recently enrolled my son in an amazing christian, parent-led homeschool co-op preschool (wow, that’s a mouthful. Haha). Each mama gets to teach one of the classes for the group. The class I get to teach is Sensory Exploration.  We have a different book for each week that we base our reading and activities around.Continue reading “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie individual sensory bins (preschool / kindergarten) “