Catching up: Projects lost in the shuffle of the #momlife

This post is going to serve as a catch up post. While I love to sew and love to share, I have kids a fairly busy life, which means that often, things don’t get shared. I’m really tired of looking at my pretties and realizing I didn’t share them. Sewing, for me, is all about the tangible item/reward that comes from it, as well as the feeling of having completed something. Lord knows, nothing else in this house ever feels like it’s really “completed”. (Laundry or dishes, anyone?…

Hip Hop, why not romp…part 2. (Still Hipping and hopping?)

So…A little while ago, I shared the Hip Hop romper pattern with you in a post here. The kids’ version I made for aquila was fun, simple to make, and super cute on her. (see photos below) ….Drumroll…. Now there’s a version for mama too! I was incredibly excited, but also curious about a mommyContinue reading “Hip Hop, why not romp…part 2. (Still Hipping and hopping?)”