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I’ve moved! You can now find me on


Hi everyone! I suppose I should have posted this here when I first switched over, but time got away from me and #mombrain happened. Sorry! If you are a follower and enjoy reading my posts (or just put up with me), would you please consider coming over to my new blog at and following me there?


To be honest, I love this blog and would totally stay, but I ran out of storage space and couldn’t upload any more photos, which kinda put a cramp in my style. 🙂 I’m now using a self-hosted wordpress site. All of my content has been moved over, so you can find anything from before the switch. There are a lot of new posts, as well!

As always, thank you so much for following me and for reading. I appreciate you and can’t wait to see you around my new site! 

Much love,

April Simpson Hunt

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