Astronauts & a new camera trick

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having an incredible day today! We had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday and I’m so sad it’s coming to an end. I didn’t get many project done, as I was trying to focus on just spending time with hubby and the kids. We played, we hung out, we ate, we shopped. But by the end of the 5 day break, I was practically itching to get back to my machines.


I have been playing it relatively safe with my new camera. While I’ve been focusing on learning the settings and I’ve recently switched over to back button focus, I have really only been photographing my husband or myself, as far as my sewing projects are involved. I have been playing at photographing the kids, of course, but I’ve been a bit nervous to fully dive in and try and get “professional” shots of them, as I’m still a bit unsteady on my feet. (This camera has about 8,000 different settings, focus points, etc)


So…in the spirit of jumping back into the waters with both feet, I decided to sew up a project for not one, but two of my free spirited, crazy energetic children.


I received this Astronaut print from Aurora Designs in my box this month. (you can watch the unboxing video the kids and I made when we opened the box here: ) It’s part of the new custom Space and Sea round that just opened. The fabric is printed on Double brushed polyester, is gorgeous and sooo soft. I really wanted to keep it for myself. You can find it and the rest of the round here: Aurora Design Fabrics Open Preorders

While it would have been much easier to photograph myself…I had already used the green glitter custom print for myself, (you can see that post here George & Ginger Posh Top Test!) I didn’t want to be COMPLETELY selfish. Plus, the astronauts print was really calling out to be made into something for my littles.


I had originally planned to make Kalel (my 5 year old, named for Superman) a set of joggers and a hoodie. But then while cutting, I decided that it would be super cute if he and Aquila could match. They rarely get to match…and I think there are probably only a couple more years that they will allow me to dress them in matching clothes, so I went for it. I used the Back To School hoodie from Duck Butt Designs. (You can read about us testing the hoodie here: Beanpop’s Zombies go back to school, Duck Butt style) I chose to make them without the hoods, but with all the colorblocking and pocket options. I love the look of these shirts so much!


I couldn’t be happier with the way this project turned out. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to figure out how to do the back button focus,. Also for getting the kids to take decent photos. It involved no bribery!… But then, i thought about it and realized….they are really just that fun together. So maybe it had nothing to do with me, after all. I mean, look at those kiddos! How lucky am i?


I’m so proud of these photos: AMH_1197-2AMH_1138AMH_1194AMH_1147AMH_1193AMH_1168

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading! I hope you enjoyed seeing my recent project! What’s your favorite pattern to make for multiple kiddos? Have any advice about taking photos of children? 

Have an incredible day!

Until next time,

Sewing and swimming,

April simpson hunt


my favorite out take. Look at that sheer joy on his face! 🙂


**Some of my links are affiliate links. These links serve to give me referral credit for sending people to my favorite designers and shops. They aren’t much, but each and every one adds up, to help keep me sewing. I appreciate your support.  If you have any questions about the affiliate links and how they work, please read my Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy. Thank you so much!

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4 thoughts on “Astronauts & a new camera trick

  1. aweee, i think your pictures look great! just keep working at it and you’ll figure out that camera soon enough! those shirts are too adorable too. love that print! your boys are adorable!


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