#ADHolidays : A stocking full of cheer

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing fabulous today! I have another freebie to share, courtesy of the Aurora Design Fabrics #ADHolidays campaign. Throughout the month of December, the admin team at Aurora Designs is sharing our favorite free patterns, tutorials, tips and tricks. There are tons of fun things to come, & there are tons of fun ones that have been shared already, like the new memory card game tutorial Elizabeth created yesterday! You can find that one on the AD blog here: How to make a fabric memory game. For the rest of the posts, you can find them in the Aurora Designs Facebook Group. Today’s share is just a quick and easy pattern that’s perfect for the holidays! It’s simple to whip up, doesn’t take much fabric and works perfectly with our panels!

freebies 4

The Merry & Bright Stocking from Ellie & Mac Patterns

This stocking pattern is a freebie. There is a large stocking and a small one. They can be made with knit or woven fabrics. The stocking has a cuff and strap, although if you want to switch it up, you could use ribbon for the strap. I’ve made them in woven before, but decided to use knit this time around. We like to completely STUFF our stockings, so I figured a little stretch would be nice. :) **While you’re on the Ellie and Mac site, you may want to check out their “free and wacky pattern” section, which is FULL of free patterns and patterns that only cost $1. You can find that section here: Wacky and Free Patterns #enableralert )



I believe it took about 8 sheets of paper to put the entire pattern together. That was probably the longest part of the entire process! After piecing my pattern together, I set about picking my fabrics. This part was super easy, as I decided to center my design around the pretty panels I had in my stash.  The stretch velvet I used was an old one that I’ve had in my stash forever and can’t remember where I got it, but there are some stretch velvet at Aurora Designs currently. You can find them here: Stretch Velvet


To make the standard size panel work for the larger stocking, I just pieced a very small strip of solid white DBP to the bottom of my panel before cutting out the pattern piece. For the smaller stocking, I used the diaper size panel and I opted to cut the entire piece out of purple stretch velvet, then place the panel on top of the pattern piece, in the middle. I attached the panel by folding the ends under approx. 1/4″, then doing 2 rows of stretch stitches to help it stay in place.


The stockings were simple to construct. The instructions were flawless and everything was thoroughly described. I did make one small goof up because I got ahead of myself on the solid velvet stocking and I placed the loop in the wrong spot…but I kind of like it. 🙂  I love the way they came out! I believe these will probably be gift stockings, as we have an abundance of stockings and these are the prettiest out of them all. (My 5 year old is currently OBSESSED with stockings and as a result, we have about 2,000 of them on the mantle.) I love that I managed to find a way to combine holiday cheer and my love of fabric!


Thank you so much for reading!

What do you think? Is this a pattern you will find yourself using? Have you made stockings before?


you can find the Ellie and Mac Stocking pattern here: Ellie and Mac Merry & Bright Stocking

And the Aurora Design Fabrics Panels & solid coordinates I used here: Aurora Design Fabrics Website

The Aurora Designs Facebook group, where the rest of the #ADHolidays posts will be: AD Facebook Group


Until next time,

April Simpson Hunt

**some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. These links serve to give credit for any referrals/sales that come from my posts. They may be small, but every one of them adds up and helps me keep sewing! Thank you so much for your support. If you would like to know how the affiliate links work, please read our privacy policy and let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “#ADHolidays : A stocking full of cheer

  1. Thank you, you lovely enabler, you! 😉
    I have actually made stockings before! I made them for everyone in my family last year, but trying a stocking new pattern will be awesome! 🙂 Especially now that I have a new niece and nephew this year that will need them! 🙂

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