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Aurora Designs Holidays: A new color blocked P4P Slouchy Beanie from Elizabeth!

Hi everyone!

I’m a bit busy today, rushing around trying to get my office painted (before my kids get paint EVERYWHERE. lol) but I wanted to be sure and share the newest post from the #ADHolidays freebies!

elizabeth beanie

Today’s tutorial comes from Elizabeth Blanchard, one of the Aurora Design Fabrics admins. She has made a video tutorial to show how she color-blocks the free Patterns for Pirates slouchy Beanie! 

elizabeth beanie 2

You can find the entire tutorial on the Aurora Designs YouTube channel here: Color Block of P4P Slouchy Beanie

You can find the original *free* tutorial here: P4P Slouchy Beanie Tutorial

And all of the pretty fabrics she used here: Aurora Design Fabrics website

Thank you so much for sewing and sharing, Elizabeth! I love it! Can’t wait to make a few of my own. What do you think? Will you be making a color blocked beanie for your littles or yourself?

Until next time,

April Simpson Hunt


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