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Hi all! Hope you are having a great day! Brandi Lowery, the fearless leader here at Aurora Design Fabrics* had a fabulous idea the other day! She figured we (all the admins) should do something big for all of you this holiday season…so she came up with the Aurora Designs Holiday Freebies! Throughout the month of December, we will all be writing and sharing our favorite free patterns and tutorials with you! My first project to share is this pretty pair of Bonny Leggings!


This first project is one I just completed . I used the free Bonny Leggings Pattern from Made for Mermaids to create an adorable pair of leggings for my little girl. I pieced together the little bits I had left of my green glitter from this month’s custom round to make them, and I love how they came out!

I realized over the course of November that my daughter’s wardrobe needed a little help. It seems I went on a shirt and dress making binge last year, as she has a massive collection of tops….but almost no bottoms/pants! I don’t know how it happened, but she’s pretty rough and tumble, so pants and leggings are essential for her right now. You will probably be seeing a ton more leggings from me over the course of the next few months.


The Bonny pattern has been one of our favorites for awhile now. I had to reprint the pattern, as the last time I used it, she was in the 1/2 size. She has now graduated to size 2, although these are just a tad big on her. (I always forget that the M4M patterns have a full 1/2″ seam allowance.) Normally, I would take them in, but she is growing so quickly lately that I’m sure it won’t be long until she fills them out.

The pattern is free, but you will need to join the Made for Mermaids Facebook Group to get the code (it’s in the pinned post). After you input the code, you can check out and download it as many times as you like. I like to immediately download a copy to my drive and to my computer. Then it’s off to gluing/taping and cutting it out. This pattern is just 2 pieces so a very simple, quick sew. The most time consuming part of it is probably putting the pattern together.


There is an optional circle skirt, which I normally love using, but I didn’t want anything to take away from the gorgeous green glitter fabric, so I just used the legging by itself with the yoga waistband. She wanted to put them on right away, so we did, then we ran out and snapped these pics. The entire process took about 1-2 hours, tops. You can’t beat it!

The pics below are some of my favorites. Her brother is my big helper and tries his best to get her to model things for me, so he usually ends up in about 8/10 photos. I can’t help but smile at them. I love these 2 kiddos so much. 🙂 


Have you made the bonny leggings before? What is your favorite fabric to use for them?


You can find the glitter custom round from Aurora Design Fabrics here: Aurora Design Fabrics Open Pre Orders* It is available in 8 different color ways and on 13 different bases, so there is an option for everyone. If you do plan to grab some, you may want to do it quickly, as it’s only open for another week! 

The Bonny Leggings pattern is here: Made for Mermaids: Bonnie Leggings

Be sure to join the Aurora Designs facebook group to see all the upcoming holiday projects! Aurora Design Fabrics Facebook Group

Thanks so much for reading! Stay tuned to see what other freebies we have in store for you! Happy Holidays!

Until next time,

April Simpson Hunt


*Occasionally, you will find affiliate links within my posts. These links serve to give me credit for introducing you to my favorite products, shops and places. They don’t amount to much, but each and every one of them add up to help me continue to be able to sew and share. Thank you so much for your support! If you have any questions about the affiliate links or anything else, please read my terms and conditions here



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