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My new toy: a Nikon D5600 Camera

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by!


I finally upgraded my camera! If you have been around me for a little while, then you probably know that I’ve been struggling with/whining about my point and shoot/bridge camera now for over a year. While I love learning how to take photos, editing them, and sharing my makes, it’s been a bit difficult to achieve the results I wanted, as my equipment wasn’t up for the task.

velvet final 10

The camera I was using was the Fujifilm Finepix 3280. It had excellent zoom and helped me learn how to shoot using manual settings. But it really struggles in low light situations and the focus was always a guessing game. Sometimes it had excellent focus and other times, I would find most of my image in focus and random parts of my body completely blurry. It has a timer function that helped me take self portraits, using a tripod, but there was a lot of running back and forth involved, which means photoshoots took forever.

DSCF7309 copy

It also struggled with subjects who move fast…as in both of my kids. haha. I had finally figured out that I could use the sports mode to shoot them and the kids would be in focus, but then I struggled with grainy images or an off kilter white balance, as I couldn’t adjust the ISO and Apeture settings in that mode. All in all, it was a great beginner camera and I will still hang onto it for a backup,.


My new baby is a Nikon D5600 and she is my Christmas present from hubby. He’s been so patient, listening to me complain all year about needing to upgrade, so we finally decided to just go ahead and purchase it now, so that I can use it for our holiday photos. It took me forever to decide on which type of camera to get. I had originally planned to get an older Canon and spend the extra money from my budget to purchase extra lenses. Canon has some great off brand compatible lenses that are super cheap on amazon. I spent tons of time researching them, but what finally changed my mind was a visit to Best Buy, where I played around with the floor models. I have lots of friends in both the Nikon and Canon camps, and they have all told me several times over that the brands are both about the same in the mid/beginner camera range, so it really just comes down to personal preference. The main reason I chose Nikon was for the fact that it “felt better” in my hand….which I am willing to admit sounds very silly. 🙂 It felt just a touch heavier/more sturdy in my hands, plus the settings felt more familiar to me.

I REALLY wanted a 2.8 50mm lens, but in the end, I decided to go with the better base camera and upgrade my lens later. I felt that if I went with the D3400 bundle I had my eye on, I would want to upgrade to something with a flip screen and more storage fairly quickly, which would be crazy, since I was already dropping some much money to buy a camera now. We went through a store called Electronics Express and they had the D3400 bundle that includes the kit lens, 70mm-300mm f4-f5.6 lens and the 55mm 2.8 lens for $650, then for $750, they had the D5600 bundle with just the kit lens and 70mm-300mm. I told hubby to try and see if they would sweeten the deal and throw in the 2.8 lsns as well, but it would have maxed out my budget and I never would have heard the end of it.

The newer Nikon cameras all come with built in wifi and you can download an app on your phone called Snapbridge, which can be used as a remote for the camera or to share your photos instantly online. There is a touch screen and flip out screen that goes all the way around. It even has 2 speakers on top to help you take movies! I can’t wait to explore all the options it has.

AMH_0002AMH_0004 - Copy

I’m so thrilled with this thing! I never understood why so many photographers on YouTube are always lecturing people to get out of shooting in automatic until getting this camera. Even in auto, the photos are incredible. I can see how it would be tempting to stay in that mode constantly…although I would be very disappointed in myself for taking the easy route. So I’m working on learning a whole new set of manual settings and it’s been a fascinating few days. The ISO range on this thing is incredible. Even in low light/no light situations, the on camera flash is powerful and doesn’t overwhelm your subject. I’m beyond excited to take it for a test drive, once the kids aren’t sick any more!


I had to take it for a test drive, so I just took a few random photos. Check them out! After staring at pictures from my old camera for a year, these all look phenomenal to me.


What camera do you use to take your pics? Are you a Nikon fan or a canon one, or neither?


You can find the camera I purchased on the Nikon site here (although you can find it cheaper through Best Buy, Andorama or Electronics Express) :

2 thoughts on “My new toy: a Nikon D5600 Camera

  1. Thank you so much veronica! I completely understand the cell phone thing. It’s easier/more convenient to use that. I’m in awe of these pictures, so will probably keep playing with it. Haha


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