Monster Mash Tour!

Hello and welcome! I just love a good blog tour, and boy do I have a great one to share with you today! I’m so thrilled to share that this post is part of the Monster Mash blog tour by Sewing by Ti!


I have had the most fun  terrifying time trying to find my post content this month. I suppose it’s fitting that it’s a Halloween themed post. My 4 year old has wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog forever (well, 2 years out of 4, anyway), so I figured it was a no brainer. I began buying blue and white fleece and searching for costume pattern ideas months ago. Then, like any true 4 year old, he waited until last week to decide that he didn’t want to be Sonic any more. Now he wants to be Deadpool. Mind you, he isn’t allowed to watch Deadpool for several reasons, one of which happens to be the insane amount of cussing he does. So my son is insisting he wants to be a “Deadpool who is good and nice and doesn’t say bad words”. Haha. I die.


I began searching for ideas and getting things together for THAT costume, only to discover that it was much more involved than I thought. (contoured face mask, etc). So I decided Deadpool would be store bought. Ain’t no mama got time for that. I continued on my Halloween costume mission, thinking I would make something for my daughter. But she’s 2 and doesn’t have any real favorite things, besides the Pink Fong shark videos that she watches on repeat on YouTube. ehhhh…don’t want to make a shark.


After going through this entire process and starting not one, but two costumes (and contemplating a third)…I realized I should probably just go ahead and make myself a costume. I mean I AM the easiest out of the family to photograph (thank you, timer function). But I don’t really have any witty ideas for myself either. Enter Brandi. I recently began working as the social media manager for Aurora Design Fabrics. One of the incredible perks of the job is a MFRB stuffed to the brim with fabric every month. A total dream come true. 🙂

logo png good qualtiy.png

This month, in my box, I received this incredible Witchy Winifred panel. It says “Happy Halloween, Witches!” (bahaha.) I absolutely LOVE IT! So for my Halloween outfit, I took the mystery box fabric that happened to match it almost exactly, (what doesn’t say Halloween like orange and purple?) and created a pair of Ninja leggings. The Ninja pattern from 5 Out of 4 Patterns is probably one of my most used patterns. It’s free if you join their Facebook group. I love that I know exactly how to create them to get a custom fit. There’s no waffling around, adjusting seam allowances and the like. So, a relatively quick sew and I have Halloween pants! 🙂

witchy 6witchy 8 copywitchy 3 copy

I did somewhat ok with stripe matching. That is to say, my stripes match in back. I’m not quite sure what happened in the front, but I’m guessing I laid something out the wrong way. oops! For the shirt, I literally just took the scrap I had left of fabric from my leggings and used it for the back. I got lucky, because it was a slightly tapered piece that was essentially a large rectangle, but was a tad thinner on top than the bottom.

Then I took a scrap strip that was about 8″ X 14″ and used it to colorblock the front of the panel, so that the front and back were long enough to cover everything. It wasn’t an exact science. I cut the shape similar to a dolman style, with the sleeve shape included in the bodice piece, so that I could just sew my shoulder seams and side seams and be done. I’m in love with how it turned out. It’s funny that the outfits I plan down to the last detail sometimes flop, yet when I just throw things together, they end up being my favorite things. I have worn this outfit about 20 times since making it. I love that my stripes look like they match all the way down my body in the back. (TOTALLY unplanned! haha)

If that quickie Halloween outfit didn’t do it for you, you can revisit the Halloween strike offs I sewed up for RP custom prints in the post here: Welcoming fall with new fabric! and the Zombies fabric I sewed up for Beanpop here: Beanpop’s Zombies go back to school, Duck Butt style. Sidenote: retail is currently open for this round! (You can find the retail fabric here


I realized much after the fact that I could have just posted some of my pictures from those outfits with a tutorial, but I’ve already done that why do that when I can link it? 🙂 I’ve included pics, though, as I’m still so in love with them all! We did a chucky themed (overall/suspender style) shoot with Chucky and friends fabric, then I created a Carrie themed dress for my daughter. (both from RP custom fabrics) For the Beanpop zombies fabric, I used their French terry to create a set of joggers with a hoodie. They’re still some of my favorite outfits, and most likely what I will wear for halloween anyway. 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed my stop on the tour! Do you have any favorites? Think I should have stuck with my original costume plan? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you so much for stopping by. Be sure to check out all the other bloggers included in the tour! 🙂

Until next time,

Sewin and Swimmin,

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10 thoughts on “Monster Mash Tour!

  1. I love this and your outfit turned out amazing! I too bought my kids costumes this year because of time and practicality.


    1. Thank you! Yes he came home from the store tonight all excited. He ended up changing his mind yet again(Spider-Man this time), so I’m glad I didn’t try to make one! Would have been super stressed out!


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