Rave & riot: a love story

Every Hello everyone! Thanks so much for coming by! I’ve been a bit busy as of late, but wanted to be sure and share one of my latest pattern test with you, as it’s an incredible one!

I’m a big fan of Kristi, over at George and Ginger Pattern Company. Every time I test for her, it feels like magic. These patterns tested a little while ago, but she held onto them because she wanted to release them at the perfect time. Her timing is always spot on, as I feel like this is the perfect set to transition your wardrobe and sewing from summer to fall. Plus, it’s packed FULL of options. And who doesn’t love options? Let’s get into the full deets! Of course, if you’re impatient and want to grab the pattern now, you can find the bundle here: Rave & Riot Pattern Bundle

If some of my pictures look familiar, it’s because I shared them in a post about some strike offs I sewed up for RP Custom prints. I wasn’t able to share the pattern at the time. So there’s that. 🙂

Meet the Rave & Riot set!

These patterns are simply incredible! By themselves or together, the patterns are packed full of great options and unique features. There are 4 different skirt styles, 3 waistbands. The skirt can be made with suspenders or without. The top has 4 different necklines, 3 sleeve lengths and can be made cropped or full length. I’m not even sure how many different combinations there are between the two, but I’m confident you could wear this set many different ways and have a wardrobe full of them!


The Riot Skirt

The riot skirt is a suspender skirt that has 4 different skirt styles (circle, pencil, pencil with flounce, and pleated). There are 3 different waistbands (curved, yoga style, or stripe). And the skirt can be made with suspenders or without, making it a full service pattern that can be used to create many different looks. I was assigned the pleated skirt with the stripe waistband. I also made a pencil with a flounce skirt with a basic waistband.

DSCF6716 copy

This skirt came out right before I sewed up my strikes for RP Custom fabrics and it felt like fate. I won’t go into full details about the strike offs here, because it’s been done ad nauseum already. (you can read it all here and just see all the pics from the round here.), but basically I wanted to use the Chucky fabric to create a chucky style outfit for my kids. I originally thought “overalls”, but I had panels to show off…so that wouldn’t work. I found a kids’ romper pattern that I could hack and use to create suspender shorts for my son, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to hack one for myself. Queue the testing call for the suspender skirt. It must have been sewing fate.

DSCF6720 copy


I made 3 of the skirts all together. I was almost positive we would need to make adjustments because of the amount of options and sizes offered. So I used a fabric that I liked but didn’t LOVE. (a good idea if you’re testing). It turned out, I didn’t need to worry, as Kristi had worked her design magic again and there were only a couple little tweaks to be made. Seriously, I don’t know how she does it! I’m not a big fan of this photo, but think it does go to show that the skirt can be made in virtually any fabric, so there’s that. This one (below) was made in French terry. (terrible photos. Sorry!) It was a bit bulky, as it’s the pleated style with a stripe waistband, but it ended up being super warm. This, paired with some knee high socks, boots and a long sleeve tee underneath, would be perfect for fall/winter!


After the first skirt, I made a version with some techno scuba from Walmart. This version went together easily. I love scuba and I love that it matched the blue exactly from a stained glass rose print from Beanpop fabrics that I had been hoarding. I made the shirt from the roses and the skirt from the scuba and I love how they look together .

DSCF6719 copy

I had been assigned the pleated skirt, but wanted to make another version to try out the options. I opted to do the straight pencil skirt option, then at the last moment I added a flounce, to coordinate better with my son’s outfit. Generally speaking, you can’t share a pattern until it’s released, but Kristi was generous enough to let me share these pics for my strike offs. 🙂 (shoutout to her. Thank you, Kristi!) This fabric is a cotton lycra from RP Custom Fabrics

The construction of the skirt is moderately easy. I would say that a beginner could do most versions. If you are a beginner, and choose the striped waistband or the pleated skirt (both of my options. haha), I would use a muslin first. The only complicated part of the process is sewing those stripes. There is a bit of measuring, flipping and folding involved. I’m fine with all that. The part that gave me fits was trying to space them out evenly. I’m a seam allowance renegade & rarely ever use the recommended one…or even the same one throughout the pattern, so it’s tough for me to be able to try and figure out where things will fall when they are being stitched and turned. Since it was a test, I was particular about following the correct seam allowance and measuring things exactly…that’s definitely what I would recommend here. (No veering off the instructions!) There were a couple moments when I had to lean heavily on Kristi’s instructions, but as always, they walked me through the steps thoroughly and succinctly. The version below is in a techno scuba from Walmart, and while I don’t usually recommend cheaper fabrics, this fabric had enough structure to pull it off. I’m in love with the sheen of it!

The Rave Shirt

Y’all…I LOVE this shirt! Now, don’t get me wrong. I have been feeling a lot top/shirt-heavy in my pattern stash lately. Thankfully, this one has so many options I can’t even feel guilty about having it! There is a scoop, square (mine) and angled neckline. There is a crop length cut line, or you can opt to go full length. (you could probably hack a dress fairly easily as well, but using the skirt from the riot pattern.) Then, of course, there are 3 different sleeve lengths. I found myself wanting to wear this shirt for days. Thank goodness I made a few!


I was assigned a square neck with crop length. I made the first one in a super thin knit I got from a destash page. I know that most people aren’t a fan of V necks. I LOVE V necks. I just knew that I would love the square neck, too, as it’s essentially a 4 point V neck. (haha) Even in the thin, shifty poly blend knit, the instructions were so clear, it came out perfectly. If anything, the fabric made the shirt a bit loose, as you can see from the other versions that it wasn’t the wrong size. I wore the testing shirt for a full day before making the skirt. I even took a few selfies in it…then realized I couldn’t share them anywhere yet. 🙂 Good thing you guys don’t mind looking at my selfie, right? haha. Sorry!

g&g collection20170825_160248

My 3rd version was this one for the strike offs. (I just found out today that these #horrordays prints are up for sale on the site! RP Custom prints) The adult panel size fit the shirt front perfectly, although although I although I had to move the neckline up a tad and cut it longer than crop length. I just adore the neckline. I love them all, really, and can’t wait to make the others. Especially the angled one! My third and final version, I made using one of my hoarded, loved fabrics. This stained glass rose print was one that Beanpop ran before I started sewing strike offs for them. I won a free yard from them in a contest and picked this. I have been hoarding it ever since, only using tiny bits for bands and such. I finally decided that since I loved it so much, I really should be wearing it! So here it is, in all it’s glory. Yet another shirt that I don’t want to ever take off. 🙂

Again, as far as the pattern goes, there isn’t much to report, except the good points. I think there were a couple people who had a bit of an issue at first with the points on the square and curved necklines, but after hammering out the instructions, they were super easy for everyone to construct. I even used the technique again recently when I decided to band a handkerchief hem (it was a rectangle, so I used the same technique, just inverted the points).

I’m so thrilled to have been able to try these patterns out and to share them with you! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let me know!

You can find the bundle here: Riot and Rave pattern bundle

The Rave shirt by itself is here: Rave shirt pattern

and the Riot skirt here: https://georgeandgingerpatterns.com/products/the-riot-skirt-set-womens-sizes-pdf-sewing-pattern

Kristi just had another amazing giveaway in her facebook group where she gave away a LAPTOP, because she reached 19,000 members, so please, by all means, join her facebook group if you haven’t yet! The George and Ginger Pattern Co Facebook Group

As always, thanks so much for reading!

Until next time,

Sewing and Swimming,

April simpson hunt

I’ve included all the beautiful tester pics below, so you can see how much incredible talent surrounds me. These women are all amazing! I am constantly inspired!


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