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Reblog: Invisible details of the couture garment: the waist stay (Burda Style)

Hey everyone! Hope this post finds you well!


Just wanted to pop in and share an article I was reading today, regarding a waist stay. I have been making a lot of ruffled knit outfits as of late, which means that I’m usually dealing with bodices that are being pulled down. I typically like to add an elastic waist to such garments, but I’ve found that once the skirt reaches a weight that is more than twice as much as the bodice, the elastic doesn’t seem to help keep the bodice intact. Burda Style says:

 A waist stay acts as an internal stabilizer by anchoring a garment, usually a dress, at the waist. This helps minimize distortion in the upper part of the garment and prevents it from sliding down (or up).



I love how they gave several different examples of things you could use the waist stay for. I never knew that you could avoid having issues with your neckline opening, for example, by using a waist stay or simply cutting ON the grain. I love short and sweet articles such as this for research, because they explain the how and why succintly, leaving you with more time to do the sewing you’re there to do!


Hope you enjoy it as well!


Thanks for reading! Until next time,

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