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Wake up! Origins Ginzing Vox Box review

*I received these products free in exchange for my review. The review was asked for, but the opinions werent. They’re all mine. 🙂

Hey everyone!

I’m a bit behind, as normally I post these vox box reviews as soon as I’ve opened them. But this one came at a busy time, so here goes (on the last day of the campaign. Sorry! )

The products i received were :

-Ginzing energy boosting refreshing eye cream

– Ginzing energy boosting daily gel moisturizer

– Ginzing refreshing scrub

All 3 products contain caffeine and ginseng. They are specially formulated to help revitalize your skin and make undereye bags disappear.

Above is the video I made when opening the box. I was ecstatic to find that they had sent FULL SIZE versions of the products to try!

Here it is almost a full month later, and I have used the products daily. I have to admit, my skin looks much brighter and softer than it did. I’m not usually one to keep up with using beauty products daily, but even I can remember to wash and use lotion every day. 🙂

After using the products (no makeup selfie)

Before shot with no makeup.

These pictures were taken about a month apart. I love that you can see a difference in both the coloring and size of my undereye bags. I live a very sleepless mom life, so any change in that department is well worth it!

The only thing I really didn’t notice a change in was pore size or acne. I still had a breakout midway through the month, as always. But they don’t claim to help with those 2 things, so I wasn’t expecting it.

Another before photo

Another after pic

I was a bit obsessed with taking before and after shots. I love the instant change you can see directly after using the eye cream. I can’t find my photos, but I wish i could. The eye cream is a light pink, shimmery cream. The second you blend it in, you can see a brightness in the area. Once its sunk in, your eye area looks soft and amazing!

I’m also a big fan of the moisturizer. As someone who has oil prone skin, I struggle to moisturize in summer, as most moisturizers lead to acne and grease. The gel base of this moisturizer was perfect! Light and airy, yet it still moisturizer and offered a great base for my makeup.

All in all, I highly recommend these products to anyone looking for something new and refreshing.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Sewing and swimming,


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