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Welcoming fall with new fabric!

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Hello everyone! Thanks for popping by! I’ve been a bit busy as of late, (what else is new? ) but I wanted to be sure and share my latest makes!

I’m a big fan of Sara Soto Garcia, over at RP custom prints and Rogue patterns. She (and her team) always bring it for each fabric round. There are always so many fun things happening over there. In fact, I would probably be content (and very busy) just sewing for her! Every month, she introduces the newest rounds, sends us the strike offs, and from there, it’s just a whirlwind of planning, sewing, photography and sharing….until the next month, when we do it all over again.

This month, it seems everyone is beginning to think of fall. Not to be cheesy (or a complete stereotype), but fall is definitely my favorite season. I never quite understood the hype when I lived in Florida (or arizona), but now that I’m in Tennessee, I get it! Fall here in Tennessee is beautiful! The changing leaves, the nip in the air (that hasn’t turned into full blown frostbite) & the scent of fires being lit is a constant and wonderful thing. You add football, Halloween, stylish boots and pumpkin spice to that mix and you absolutely can’t go wrong.

Because of the football thing…and because tartan is Everything, the pre order that was first up for RP custom prints this round was called #tartanandlace. It was a collaborative round, done with the team from smoogie print and design . The ladies at smoogie provided the “lace” prints and RP prints provided the tartan. I haven’t seen any of the strike offs with both fabrics yet, but will share as soon as I do!

The tartan round is open through the first week of september and You can find the pre order for it here:

I learned something new from Sara this round. (She is forever teaching us things!) Did you know that all tartans are plaids, but not all plaids are tartans?

Tartan is: a repeat of lines, both horizontal and vertical.

Plaid is: any assimilation of lines. A plaid can be any make up of lines that isnt equal.

Isn’t that fun? This all came from a discussion about whether the new prints were “plaid” or “tartan”. These prints are all tartan, because the make up of lines both horizontally and vertically is equal. 🙂

I was lucky enough to get to sew up a little over a yard of this amazing french terry tartan. I asked for and received the gold, black and white colorway, so that I could make something for my steeler fan hubby.

I didn’t have enough to make a complete men’s XL shirt and still make at matching thing for our son, so I opted to take existing shirts and replace the backs and sleeves with tartan. Both my hubby and my son were in love with how soft and warm the fabric was. That didn’t necessarily play well in august, but I’m sure they will be ecstatic about it, come january. 🙂

*I think because of the terrible towel over their booties,(above photo) my 4 year old got a bit confused. I kept asking him to pose and he kept doing this. Made for some great out takes. Haha

In keeping with their fall theme, the next round introduced is called ” Horror Days” and features some fun and spooky holiday prints. There are a few Christmas prints and rounds, but the majority of this quick flash round (meaning go buy it quickly!) Was focused on classic horror movies and prints.

The horror days pre order is open until August 31 and can be found here:

We are big scary movie fans here. I let Sara know, so she made sure to send us a few different strikes to sew up. The day the fabric came in the mail was like christmas. Everyone oohing and aahing over the nice fabric. It was a lot of fun. No one was more excited than my 4 year old, though! His current favorite movie is Chucky (all of them, although he really loves the one where he gets married )

For the selfie panels (1 kid and 1 adult) & the scary crowd coordinate, I had decided to do a whole chucky theme. I wanted to put him in overalls and my outfit was going to be a nod to chucky’s wife. Once it started working with the fabric, I decided that it was much too pretty too turn it into a full blown costume. So we ended up in suspender outfits, his looking similar to something the original chucky wore and me in something more chic, like his wife would have been in.

For his outfit, i started with the Teachers Pet romper by ellie and mac. (See another post about that pattern here) I eliminated eliminated the middle bodice piece, lengthened the straps & shortened the top of the shorts. For my outfit, I used a new pattern that will be released by one of my fave designers soon! I love how bright these colors are! The images of chucky, freddy, Hannibal, Jason and their friends all nearly jump off the fabric fabric at you!

For my final piece, I got to use this incredible Blood sparkle splatter print. It has has a faux glitter look, which means it shimmers, but without the mess. It also can can be used to resemble wet blood. 🙂

With that thought in mind, I decided to make baby girl a Carrie-inspired dress, to pay homage to one of the original queens of horror. I used the girls’ sommer dress pattern by made for mermaids . I added added a maxi length lace skirt under the regular length skirt and attached both to my bodice. The entire thing came together very quickly, yet looks incredibly elegant. ( I think, anyway!)

My favorite thing is dual purpose fabric. I love that this can look shimmery, pretty and dressed up, yet still be used for Halloween scary fun! Talk about a great value!

Don’t Forget to checkout the horrordays-preorder soon, as it’s ending quickly. The tartan pre order can be found here:

Thanks sew much for stopping by and reading! Have a wonderful day!

Until next time,

Swimming & sewing,

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