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Duchess & Hare go swimming

Hey yall! How are you?

Hope this post finds you well! I’ve been a busy little beaver, sewing my way through a couple loads of strike offs and doing a couple pattern tests. Things always seem to come to a head at the same time for me. No matter how strategically I plan everything out, inevitably, something gets pushed forwards or backwards and it all ends up due at the same time. Which means I end up running around like a chicken with my head off…or some other crazy person/animal.

I did manage to have a bit of downtime last week. Even more surprising is that I used some of that downtime to sew! I know! I’m shocked. Haha. I kid. I kid. Yall know I don’t do anything else. Seriously. This is all I do. 🙂

The pattern I pulled out of my files to sew up this week was the new Duchess and Hare Free at last pattern. This pattern probably isn’t considered “new” any more, as it was released a month or two ago. But it was one I had been particularly excited about, so I was determined to get it sewn up before summer ended and I’m left clutching my woven stash, crying because it will take forever to be summer again.

The pattern features are:

– Sizes 2-12

– Reversible top

– Bubble shorts

– Size chart

-Finished measurement chart

– Full color photo tutorial

– Layered printing

-Tiled pdf pattern for home printing

-Large format pdf pattern for print shop printing available on request

You can find the Free at Last pdf pattern on the website here :

But you will need the coupon code to get it free. That can be found in the pinned post of the Duchess & Hare Facebook group

For our version, I graded it down from a size 2T (the smallest size) to a 18 month size. I could have gone down to a 12 month size, but figured I would leave it a bit roomy since it was a woven pattern. For grading, I just used used a standard practice of placing my points/lines an equal distance away from the larger size as the difference between the larger sizes. That is to a say, if the difference between the underarm point on a size 2T and 3T was 3/8″, then I measured inwards 3/8″ and placed the point. I did this for all the main points and intersections of the pattern, then used used a straight ruler to draw the lines in between points. There are several great tutorials on YouTube for doing this.

The actual sewing of the set was quick and painless. The instructions are perfect and I’ve Been busy practicing all my woven bodice tricks lately, so I actually felt like i knew what I was doing. That always helps. For the elastic measurements, I just used her actual waist measurement. I skipped putting any elastic or bubble binding on the legs, as I’m lazy I was in a hurry.

My wonderful idea for photos of this set included a gorgeous background, similar to the listing photos seen above. I had ago vision and was set on seeing it work. But if you have kids (particularly very spirited little girls), you know that sometimes your vision doesn’t mesh with theirs. 🙂

This is what SHE had in mind:

I love how this turned out, regardless of how the pics look And surprisingly enough…I kinda like them, too. 🙂

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