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Reblog: Wild & Wanderful’s beautiful cut file – “Quality People Never Fear Equality”

Hey everyone! Hope this post finds you well!


Unless you’ve been cozily buried under your pile of sweater knits and other fall fabrics, you’ve no doubt been privy to the events of the past few days. It saddens me, both as a human being, and as the mother of 4 biracial children, that we are still HERE. Regardless of how you feel about anyone and their beliefs, skin color, parenting styles, etc….It is none of your concern, at the end of the day. I wish people would get that. The igorance that not only still EXISTS but that is everywhere, greatly disturbs me. On a lighter note, I noticed something on one of my favorite blogs and wanted to share.

Now, freebie lover that I am, I originally visited Katy McKinley’s Wild & Wanderful Blog to share the adorable measuring charts that I saw in her post on Facebook the other day. She shared them for the Patterns for Pirates girls. I love how cute they are and I imagine they come in super handy! You can get them as a freebie on the P4P site by It includes a card for each member of the family. A spot to keep all the measurements handy…and looks a lot better than the mini notebook I keep lying around with all my scratched out measurements on it. (Anyone else’s kids seem to just shoot up overnight…every night?) You can find the freebie on the Patterns for Pirates site here.

measurement charts


So I went for the cute little measuring cards, but stayed for the sweet post she had up on the front page. Katy is one of the sweetest women I know. How she contantly manages to be so sweet and happy all the time is beyond me. …But then again, I have anger issues. haha. I love her for it! She’s always uplifting to be around (even in an online setting) and I constantly draw inspiration from her and her projects…And this one was no different. 

Katie is big into Cricut and vinyl and shares gorgeous projects all the time. I don’t have a cricut and am not skilled with a razor, so I have yet to actually UNDERTAKE them, but I have them all dutifully saved in my files for when I get bold enough to potentially burn my fingers off try them.  Download the file and read more about it here.


This SVG file is another freebie (she’s the queen of generosity!) and the message is perfect for recent events. I’m halfway decided to try and figure out how to sew one of these onto a project, just so I can have it on my person! haha. All kidding aside, thank you, Katy McKinley, for being yourself (so sweet), for standing up & speaking the truth/what’s right. And thanks for the fun freebie, too! 


Until next time,

Sewing and Swimming,


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April Simpson Hunt


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