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Beginning at the beginning again-my every season struggle to begin a capsule wardrobe

Hey yall! So glad you’re here!

Every season, it seems, I decide to embark upon the ultimate quest….the capsule wardobe. And every season, I get about 1-2 pieces in and I either get bored with creating basics, I run out of fabric within my color scheme, or my ADD kicks in and I completely forget what I’m doing. The other night, I happened to step outside and I felt the beginning of a temperature dip. ….and I got so incredibly excited for fall. It happened almost instantly, yet I realized in that instant that, once again, a new season was upon me and I hadn’t begin the wardrobe . Or finished the previous season’s.

I happened upon a great article the other day by the gals over at the Curvy Sewing Collective blog. It came at exactly the right time, as these things often do. In this article, they try to determine which kind of capsule is right for them. Now, this isn’t something I’ve done a ton of research on. It was just something I had decided to try. So the gift of links, photos and sources in the article was amazing! They discuss both sudoku style capsule wardrobes at well as a basic 4X4 model capsule (I says, like I know exactly what these things mean. Haha!)

read the full article here.

Photo above. According to the Curvy sewing collective writers, the sudoku style is when

you start with 16 pieces and then every row becomes an outfit (4), every column becomes an outfit (4), and both diagonals become an outfit (2). In all, you can make 10 outfits from this one grid

This sounded great! …. then I got to thinking about the amount of work it would take me…just to figure out my sudoku pieces! While I’m all for keeping my mind sharp, I’ve never been one for puzzles like sudoku or word cross. Hell, if I ever truly want to keep my brain jumping, I can try and figure out why my 4 year old is currently “allergic” to clothing, or I could just try 5o answer all 279 of his questions he MUST have answered before bed. (What happens when we die? Where is my grave? Do worms eat bones?….)

But i digress…If you are a person who wants every single piece to coordinate with everything else, you get off on puzzles or you want to keep things small & tidy, the sudoku is probably a good bet.

The article goes on to talk about a much more logical easier way of doing things, the 4X4 model. This model originated by the Vivienne files and you can find the post (and helpful templates, etc) here:

This wardrobe is

A capsule wardrobe containing 16 pieces….based around a color scheme. ..and chosen 4 pieces at A time.

Now that, I can do. I’m almost positive that i can keep my focus on what Im doing, for long enough to get 4 pieces sewn up!

In summation, I would highly recommend looking at rge articles I’ve linked above. They are full of tons of great resources ajd inspiration. Google can be so overwhelming when it comes to things like this. I’m so glad I found these pieces when I did!

So, wish me luck! I hope to return with good news (and some new pieces ) very soon! in the meantime, what advice do you have about capsule wardobes? (Besides pinterest?) 🙂 have you created one before?

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading! Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything!


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