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Need a little pick me up? George & Ginger’s Mood dress is here!


Hi all and welcome! I’m so excited to share with you today! I recently got another chance to pattern test for Kristi Fitzgerald of the George and Ginger Pattern Company. This new release is called the Mood dress….and what a mood elavator it is!



This dress is just perfect for all the special events you have on the calander this summer (or fall). It features a fitted, fully lined bodice that’s attached to a large skirt. The skirt is composed of many pattern pieces, so It’s perfect for using specialty fabrics or mixing and matching fabrics to achieve whichever type of look you’re after. There are also a couple “mood mods,” great for switching it up and making it perfect for everyday wear!

Grab the skirt today, while it’s 25% off!

The George & Ginger Mood Dress Pattern


In the beginning…

Kristi began testing this dress by testing the bodice first. As with any woven, I believed there would need to be (more than) a few modifications. Incredibly,  the bodice fit was near-perfect the very first time! There was one small dart placement change, but after that, the bodice was ready to go. (I hung onto my bodice /muslin, just because of how perfect it was. I can’t wait to find a way to use it!) 

I don’t normally share images from pattern testing. But this bodice fit was just so perfect on the first go round, I had to share! (this is before adding the zipper closure)


Technical difficulties…

I am a tactile learner, meaning that I don’t really GET things until I have my hands on/in them and I’m working to try and figure it out. This is particualarly true for woven bodices, apparently. Kristi’s instructions are thorough and quite perfect, yet I still couldn’t wrap my mind around rolling the bodice to sew the armcyse. (also known as the “burrito” or “hot dog” method of sewing a lined bodice.

This bodice is cut in 3 different pieces (1 front, 2 seperate back pieces), the darts  are sewn into it, then it’s attached the lining at the neckline and finished using the burrito method. It creates a fully lined bodice with the seams enclosed. Because of all the darts (3 on each side in front and 1 on each side of the back), it ended up being a perfect fit for all of the testers. Kristi also took care to make sure that the main bust dart was cut and sewn according to cup size. However, If you’re one who normally needs to do a FBA (full bust adjustment) or other dart adjustments,  I would probably suggest doing a muslin of the bodice first, to ensure that you have it correctly tailored to your body. There is no real “one size fits all” solution for woven bodices, although I believe this one is pretty damn perfect! 🙂

If you’re like me and have issues with woven bodices, don’t be afraid to join the George and Ginger Facebook group to join in the Sew a long that will be happening this week!

I  found This tutorial by Melly Sews on Youtube super helpful for the burrito method. There is a great article about making a full bust adjustment here: Curvy Sewing Collective Article & another article about how to adjust darts to fit your figure here: Itch To Stitch Dart Adjustment article


mood dress 2 copy.jpg

Testing, testing…

After testing the bodice,  Kristi opened up the testing call for the dress. Not surprisingly,  the comment section of the call was full within moments. If you ever wish to join in and test a George & Ginger pattern,  I recommend keeping your fingers fast and your eyes peeled for posts in the Facebook group.

gg line drawing

After being added to the testing group, we were all given the instructions, pattern, and let loose to create our beautiful things! My favorite part of testing patterns is watching everyone’s version comes together. This dress was super fun because of the multiple skirt pattern pieces and therefore, the perfect opportunity for different translations.  

mood dress 5 copy

For my dress,  I centered my design around the Amy Butler Love Bliss fabric you see on the bodice. It’s one of my favorite prints and I’ve been hoarding the last yard I purchased for almost a year now. You can find the fabric at Cotton Candy Fabrics . There are two different colorways for this print, and a ton of coordinating prints as well. It’s a gorgeous collection! If you can’t tell from reading my posts, turqouise is my favorite color, so I try to make everything turqouise  include it often. 🙂


Because of the fabric requirements,  (4 – 5 yards of fabric for the skirt and bodice ) some of us in testing decided to re-purpose things from around our house. There were some who used drapes, sheets, duvet covers, and other bits and pieces from home linen collections.  This is one of my favorite things to do for everyday sewing.  ♥♥ If I’m running short on fabric,  I try to find a way to make it work without leaving my house or spending money. You can also go shopping,  but instead of hitting the fabric department, check out the bedding section or a local goodwill for used, large scale items in pretty fabrics! The more money I save on materials, the more items I can make!  ♥♥



Thinking outside the box…

After determining which fabric I wanted to use to set my color scheme, I went digging through my stash to  find coordinating prints. I would have loved to have used more of the white print with the coral flowers, but I only had 1.5 yards and the skirt required far more. The white pieces and the fabric with the turquoise damask came from a set of cotton sheets that I’ve had a couple years. It was one of my favorite sets, but, we never us the top sheet anyway.  (Which in my mind, fabric that goes unused around my house=stash fabric, amiright?) 🙂



A few othing things you will need for this pattern: An 18-20″ zipper, lining (for your bodice) and a topstitching needle (not really mandatory, but it’s the only needle that I find works well with woven fabrics.) You will also need to keep in mind that wovens tend to fray. So take special care when sewing your seams. Be sure to finish them. Whether you want to use a zig zag stitch or an actual overcast stitch or serger, just be sure to have them finished, to avoid fraying.


mood dress 3 copy




After hitting it out of the park, Kristi decided that perhaps the skirt might be a bit much for everyday wear. So she decided to release a few “Mood mods” to the pattern. Since the full skirt option requires a lot of yardage, she released a gathered skirt mod. Then, for other occasions (or those who don’t like to create fully lined woven bodices) she added a waistband mod for the skirt, to be worn by itself.


kristi mood dress
Kristi Fitzpatrick in her Mood Dress and pattern mods


You know I had to get in on the version that calls for less fabric (cheapskate and fabric hoarder that I am). So I quickly jumped on the list to make the gathered skirt option. For this mod, you are basically just following the pattern specs, but jumping off right before you’re supposed to create the skirt. The gathered skirt is basically just 2 long rectangles that are cut, hemmed (either before or after. I prefer to do my hemming first), then gathered and added to the waist. You will still need a zipper for the mods, as you’re working with wovens.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I can’t decide which version I love more! The gathered skirt option is really just perfect for anything and everything, the skirt is a great seperates option, while the full Mood Dress is perfect for any time I want to feel like a princess. (which is everyday, amiright?) 🙂



Anyway you create this dress, you will be ecstatic with the outcome!

This dress is a welcome addition to any summer or fall wardrobe. The mods and dress are perfect for any kind of event or just everyday wear. I’m thrilled to have added this pattern to my collection, and I know you will be too!

Be sure to head over to the brand new George and Ginger website to grab your PDF pattern.

shoutout to all the amazing testers! You can see more images in the facebook group or on the listing, but I wanted to share the collages here, so you could see all the pretties!




Thanks so much for reading!


Until next time,

Sewin’ and Swimmin,

April Simpson-Hunt


logo done

♥♥: A sewing tip!

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