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Any geeky fabric lovers here? 

Hi all! I’m so pleased to be able to share this newest round from Moonbeam Textile with you all! There is a little something for everyone, as it contains some very solid, classic prints. But the part of this round that makes it so fun is definitely the geek factor! 

The round (number 24 if you’re keeping track) is called #geekyholiday and it truly lives up to the name. There are star wars prints, Game of thrones print’s and Dr who prints. The prints are all wonderfully  clear, bright and so pretty! If you love fabric and are a geek, (or are related to some) this round is for you. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

For my strike off, I received an infant/toddler size C3PO panel and a half yard of the star symbols print. I love pretty much everything I’ve ever had the luck to receive from the ladies at Stardust and Moonbeam Textile Company (link to their combined Facebook group). You can see my previous strikes from Stardust Textile Company  here. This round was no exception. Without repeating myself too much, I will say one more time that the clarity and color of these strikes was incredible!  I tried several different times to capture it on camera, and I’m still not sure I was able to.

The striped Star Symbols print looks basic enough to coordinate well with just about anything,  but once you’re close up , it’s easy to see the symbols we all know and love from the star wars saga. There is another print in the round called star ships. You can see it in the photo below, from one of the many talented ladies in our strike off group.

Sweater by Honeysuckle handmade

There are plenty of panel options of the main droid characters, as well as darth vader. Then there is the fabric with the droids featured in repeat across the fabric.  The ladies also switched it up this round and to go with the #winteriscoming theme, they are offering the fabrics on French terry! I’m a fan of cotton lycra,  but french ferry is perfect for crisp, cool fall and winter days. If you haven’t tried some, you must!

Aquila is wearing an Ellie and Mac Sailor dress. This pattern also comes with a peplum top option. The squared off middle of the bodice makes it perfect for embellishments and panels alike. This C3PO panel was the smallest size, but still too large for the 12-18 month version of the dress, since the cut is so generous. I solved the dilemma by hacking the pattern to make the middle off the bodice a tad larger, then adding a small pleat so that it wasn’t too wide. The sleeves were made from bits of the panel.

 For my next piece,  I got to sew hubby up something! I was uber excited, as he normally doesn’t normally let me sew for him. (he’s into name brands, silly man) But as soon as he glanced over and saw the large darth vader panel peeking out, he laid claim to it. The adult size oanel was huge! I not only used it for the main part of his shirt, i used pieces of it for aquilas bands and for his arm bands as well. I repurposed an old Adidas shirt of his for the back part of his shirt. I also used my scraps from the star symbols to add accents to the sides of the shirt, as well as the hem. I’m so pleased with the way it came out!

Daddy and daughter

He really got ino the spirit of things during our photo session. (Just kidding. I made the leia buns for aquila, but she kept taking them off) 🙂 Im in shock that I got all of this from 2 panels and a fat half. The cuts are definitely on the generous size. Even the smallest panel was big enough for a shirt for me!

Real men rock leia headbands

Below are some of the collages one of the ladies in the group made, featuring everyone’s work.  I wanted to share them so you can see the amazing talent in the facebook group and all the pretties from the round! And there is even more to come!

As you can see, whether you are a fan of star wars, game of thrones or doctor who, there is truly a little something for everyone in this round.  Be sure to head over to the Moonbeam Textile Company website to grab some of the preorder now.
Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time,

Sewing and swimming,

April Simpson hunt


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