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My little pink box full of hapiness -Darling VoxBox



Hey everyone! I’m cutting this one close to the wire, as always! (the vox box “session” closes in an hour 🙂 )


I was lucky enough this past month to receive an amazing little box from Influenster. If you’ve known or followed my social media pages for awhile, I’m sure you’ve seen me share some of the fun things I’ve gotten from them. But my favorite things, by far, are these things called VoxBoxes. They are random packages you receive full of fun little products to test, in exchange for your reviews on them. I love it!

darling 2

This box was called the “Darling VoxBox” and it was full of a bunch of samples and coupons. The most amazing thing, to me, was that I absolutely LOVED every item in the box. Normally, I like a few of the items, but there are a few I can do without. This box hit it out of the park!


The items I received were: 

  • EvaNYC Therapy Session Hair Mask
  • DuncanHines Perfect for One Chocolate Lovers Cake
  • Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Tearless Shampoo and Wash, plus Baby Gentle Moisture Lotion (these were both FULL SIZE BOTTLES!)
  • Country Crock Buttery Spread (a coupon for a big tub)
  • Nature’s Bounty Energy Gummies
  • Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer


I’ll start by saying that with the exception of the Margarine, I haven’t tried any of these items before. So, I was a tad excited. You can check out the full video of my kids and I (they love to see what I get) opening the box here:

Click to watch us opening our Darling Vox Box!


So…let’s go in order and I’ll tell you what I thought!


This hair mask by Eva NYC was incredible! Now, I normally have baby fine, somewhat oil prone hair, so I avoid hair conditioning treatments. This mask/treatment showed up just in time, though, as I was about to bleach my dark brown hair blonde! I used it once before dying it, and found it to be nice and lightweight, but still a bit heavy for my fine, limp hair in its natural state.

Once I began to bleach, though, it was a totally different ballgame. I used it directly after bleaching as a mask, then every day afterwards as a conditioner. Besides conditioning my hair, helping to tame flyaways and keeping it nice and soft, this thing smells AMAZING!! I can’t get over the scent. I confess I may have used it a few times without needing to, just so my hair could smell that good! If you haven’t heard of EvaNYC, you can find them on social media at the profiles below:

Twitter: @EvaHairNYC

Instagram: @EvaHairNYC

and you can find the pics from everyone doing the vox box contest under the tags #EvaSummerMoms and #EvaNYC



Another product we used right away were this wash and lotion from LiveClean Baby.  We got to try their Baby Gentle line in the form of the Tearless Shampoo and wash and the Genle moisture baby lotion. I was amazed to find that both products were made using only certified organic botanicals. They had a light chamomile and lavender scent, but nothing that was overpowering. If anything, the scent could have been stronger.


The tearless factor was absolutely right! We even tested it to be sure. My baby girl does not understand how to tilt her head back, yet always hollars like I’m drowning her during bath time. This is probably the first time she was ok…besides the indignant look I received. 🙂 I can’t believe that they were nice enough to send FULL SIZE samples to all the testers! I guess when you know you have a good product, you know that a little generosity goes a long way. We recently used the last of the lotion and wash (I have 2 little ones who require a lot of cleaning and moisture!) and I will definitely be searching for these products in the store now!

You can find Live Clean on social media below:

Twitter: @Livecleanusa

Instagram: @LiveCleanUSA

and you can find the photos  on social media by searching the tag #livecleanmoms



Onto my own personal favorite! I have never been a big vitamin person, as I never really notice a difference between when I’m taking them vs when I’m not. That has changed now, thanks to these Energy Gummies from Nature’s bounty! This was another FULL SIZE sample. (thank god, as I need all the energy help i can get with my 4 crazy kids!).

I used 2 a day, being sure to take a day off every few days so as not to build a tolerance (I’m not sure that’s how it works. I just noticed that if I took them too many days in a row, I was extra tired when I didn’t take them). These things really worked! It wasn’t like an energy drink, where you have a sudden burst of energy, then come crashing down. It was more of a mellow, calm sense of overall energy. I found it easier to keep up with my kids and I took one in the afternoon, which seemed to head off that afternoon slump feeling that I get. Another side benefit that I experienced is that it seemed to help my appetite. I have a notoriously bad appetite and forget to eat when I’m busy. Since these vitamins were burning my calories to help convert them to energy, they did great at reminding me to eat to keep up that process. It seemed like I even craved healthier foods…but that was probably just the week of the month I was in. (I tend to go in healthy vs. unhealthy cycles. lol)

i’m currently out of them and I’ve defintiely noticed that I’m NOT taking them right now. I’m back to being exhausted, my memory isn’t working at capacity and the afternoon slump leaves me just wanting to nap with baby girl. Thank goodness they sent a coupon for more. I’m not a health nut and would never see myself endorsing health products or vitamins normally….but these things are legit! I will reccommend these to all the moms I know!

Find Nature’s Bounty on

Instagram: @Naturesbounty

Twitter: @Naturesbounty

 find all the pics for these under the tag #betteroffhealthy on social media



Last but certainly not least…

I received a small tube of this Vichy Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer to try in my VoxBox as well. This is yet another product that I would never have chosen for myself. For one thing, I try not to buy things I can’t pronounce (hyaluronic, anyone? vichy?) 🙂 For another, I have oil prone skin and it’s summer. Combining these two things with a moisturizer is generally a receipe for acne.

Thank goodness Influenster knows what they’re doing! This moisturizer isn’t really a lotion at all. It’s more of a gel. It’s lightweight, yet still completely moisturizing. It soaks in quickly and doesnt’ leave any trace of oil. It was PERFECT for summer. It is supposed to aid in the wrinkled areas and crows feet, etc. I personally didn’t notice an overall change. BUUUUT, When I put it on underneath my makeup, it seemed to fill the gaps and make the surface of my face really smooth, thus my makeup hung on a lot longer than it does in any season. For summer, I was truly amazed to find that my makeup was still on at dinnertime. This is highly unusual.

That all being said, I probably wouldn’t recommend it to someone who needs a ton of moisture and I wouldn’t recommend it for a treatment. But it’s absolutely perfect as a lightweight moisturizer and works especially well for those of us who are oil prone.

You can find Vichy on Facebook at:

Twitter: Vichyusa

instagram: Vichyusa

and you can see all the pretty pictures on social media by searching the tags #vichyusa or #mineral89


Country crock

I also got some country crock. We love it, it was an excellent value and will definitely be used up. But….I’m out of time and Country crock is kinda self-explanatory anyway 🙂


Find them on

Instagram: @countrycrock

Twitter: @country crock

and see everyone’s fun creations using country crock by searching #countrycrock on social media!


*As always, I have to re-iterate that I received all this cool stuff for free to share my opinions and tell you what I thought about it all. The thoughts and opinions are my own. I wouldn’t lie. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing my thoughts. Please don’t hesitate to sign up for Influenster using my friends and family link. This way, you can start getting your own #freestuff to try out!


Until next time,

Sewing and Swimming,



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