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My recent revelation, plus a Patterns for pirates sweetheart mash/hack 

Howdy! I recently decided that I was doing too much, so I began to take things down a notch. At this point, most of the sewing I do is for pattern testing and strike off sewing….and while I absolutely love it, it doesn’t exactly pay any bills or generate income. In all actuality,  it ends up costing a fair amount, between time spent, fabric used, wear and tear on my machine and notions.

I’m not hitting a complete pause button on my sewing,  but I am definitely taking on fewer projects than last month.  (Last month was pure insanity, between the sheer number of projects I had and the hectic lifestyle of having 4 kids at home for the summer). 

It was the right step for me, at this moment, because almost instantly, it allowed me to find the joy in sewing again. It’s been awhile since I just looked at a piece of fabric and went with it, you know?
I had this piece of fabric i purchased fairly cheaply off of a Facebook fabric destash group. I loved the bold print and knew it would come in handy for something,  but wasn’t sure what. Luckily, I had also recently purchased the Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart dress and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

And so, magic was made. 🙂
As with most P4P patterns, I love it for  all the various options that are included.

There are all the usual sleeve lengths: sleeveless tank, short, 3/4 & long. Then, there are different lengths. While I’m currently in love with the mini version, I can see myself making both the peplum top and the knee length dress in the future.

There is also a colorblocking option for bodice and sleeves, and an overlay option for the bodice. I love the look of both options.  As always,  the pattern was well drafted,  easy to put together and the instructions made the assembly simple and quick. If you haven’t tried a pattern from Patterns for Pirates, I highly recommend buying one (or joining the Facebook group and downloading their free patterns) to try out!

I had a vision of using my fabric as a maxi skirt. I originally planned to just use the circle skirt template from the pattern to create a circle maxi skirt, but alas, I didn’t have the full amount of fabric I would have needed. Perhaps if I hadn’t used pieces of my 2 yard piece to create the bodice, I could have. But I had already cut it out.

I decided to color block my bodice, using a rayon blend I purchased from Stylish fabrics a little while back. I couldn’t find the black lace trim I had originally planned to use, so I simply cut some flat black elastic and attached it along the curves where the two fabrics met. I love the way it turned out!

For the skirt, I had roughly 1.5 yards to use. I decided fairly quickly to do a high low skirt, after trying unsuccessfully to make a full circle skirt with what I had left. I held the yardage up to myself, placing the front of the fabric where I wanted the highest part to be, then I tried to lay the fabric out as evenly as possible. I then cut the circle waist template out of the top portion of my folded fabric.

As you can see, there is a definite rectangular shape to the fabric, as I didn’t even bother to trim or try to stagger the sides. I just found the middle of the piece I had left with the waist cut out and attached it to my bodice.

I am head over heels for the unique look of this dress! Because of the rectangular shape,  the corner (longest) pieces create almost a train effect.  And because the front is mini length, Im not tripping over fabric!

The funny thing is, I created this project on a whim and with a wild hair, unlike my usual method, which is to carefully plan and plot and be a perfectionist….yet I’ve received more compliments on this piece than anything I’ve made in a long time! So, when in doubt, take a break, relax…then go for it! 🙂
Until next time,

Swimmin and sewin,



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