This new round from RP custom fabrics will rock your world…quite literally! 

HI all! Hope this post finds you well, out there in your home, fabric land, the online sewing comminity, somewhere with more crazy kids than you know what to do with….or wherever you are. 🙂

happy summer! This is, hands down, my favorite time of year. Every year, around this time, “the funk” (seasonal depression) lifts for me, and it’s like waking up, in a sense. Instantly, the world is so much brighter and more fun. Because of this, (and because of how much of a mind reader Sara and her team really are) this new round from my friends (and enablers) at RP Custom Fabrics is right on time. Every single piece is bright, brilliantly colored and super fun. They also serve as a great reminder of just how amazing this world/planet/galaxy of ours is…and how incredibly beautiful it is!

The theme for the round is #BellisimaMundo , which translates to “beautiful world.” The prints are a range of global views, planetary alignments, rocks and gems, and everything in between. I’m a big fan girl of all past and current RP custom fabrics. (See examples in the post here & on my instagram here.) But this newest round has challenged me in ways I didn’t know I needed to be challenged! I’m so glad I was up for it and so glad they allowed me to be a part of it!  

The round includes both linear and round panels of multiple sizes and I was blessed with several different cuts,  shapes and bases to play around with. It was like Christmas in june! 

Titanio linear panel
Nebula linear panel

This Nebula print (above) is one is one my favorites (although if I’m being completely honest,  they are ALL kinda my favorite.  Lol) It is reminiscent of a galaxy print, only so much more colorful. The Mapa print (below) is incredible as well. I’ve heard that the level of detail in it is breathtaking, up close. 

Mapa- linear panel (sizes 11″X19″ up to 36″X58″) – click photo to be taken to preorder

The prints above are just some  of the available linear panel options. For the linear panels, you can order different size rectangles, the smallest being 11″  X 19″ and the largest being 36″ X 58″. The linear prints offer a chance to work with thes beautiful fabric’s in a linear (or conventional) style. They are available in cotton lycra, cotton woven, and the most amazing bamboo lycra blend.

The pic below is one of the #roundabout circular panels of fabric. Its gorgeous, right? Try to envision it in its actual size. (up to 58″ in diameter!) Believe me when i say, they’re breathtaking!

Circle Luna Panel- click link to be taken to preorder
Estelar Circle panel (sizes 12″- 58″ diameter) – click photo to be taken to preorder

***ETA: I currently have 2 of the beautiful bamboo lycra Estelar panels on my cutting table!  This print is the one my 14 year old picked, wanting to match his baby sister. I’m super excited to get our pretties made and take his first set of modeled photos, so stay tuned for more updates to this post before the end of the month! 

Circle Solar panel – click photo to be taken to preorder

 I love things that are different from the norm, and this is as different as it gets. Just think of how many different ways there are to use them! You can take the (relatively) easy way out and use it to create a circle blanket. Do the moderately easy thing and create a circle skirt or dress. Or, you can try to really think “outside the box” and come up with something amazing!  The possibilities are really endless, once you stop thinking linear!

Globe circle panel

These are just few of the phenomenonal prints available for preorder. Please head by and see them now at the RP Custom Fabric page! You can also find out more details and see more of the strike off seamstress’ photos by joining the face book group here

**warning: below is where I go into full details about what was sewn, how, what inspiration I used, etc. If you’re just here for the fabric….ignore the words? Because you must see the pictures!  🙂 

I used my yard of the Nebula print to create the brand new George and Ginger Day Trip Skirt, from their confidence collection. (Read my post about testing the collection here)  For my top,  I only had precious scraps left, so I used it to make bands on this cropped version of the stardust tank by Halla Patterns. (I took the colorblocked bodice pattern, shortened it to the length I wanted, then added a small band at the bottom and a small lined pocket)

This skirt may have used up over a yard,  (thank goodness for the generous panel sizes this round!) But it was worth it. I absolutely love this skirt. Kristi named her new collection of pieces the “confidence collection,” and the name could not have been more correct. This skirt makes me feel confident enough to rock such a bold print.  And it draws compliments every time.

After Nebula had me flying high,  I wanted to get a little more “grounded” with our next linear panel. So, I decided to make my next piece, the Piedra print, all about other members of my family. 

E&M sailor dress in Piedra fabric

First up, I give you Aquila Marie, modeling the new Sailor dress by Ellie and Mac patterns . I love how this pattern has a perfect spot in front for little embellishments, embroidery or even a little lace up action. I just had to try out my free motion “skills”(I use the term very loosely. Ha!)  and see what I could come up with. 🙂 the purple fabric was just a thin poly spandex blend from walmart. I had to create a double layer of fabric and add a stabilizer(heat and bond) to prepare it for the embroidery.

She’s probably my favorite model ever…but I’m a bit biased. 😉

Stitch upon a time men’s boxers with low rise, full front flap closure and longer hem options, done in Piedra fabric.

Daddy also got a custom pair of Stitch upon a time men’s boxers, but was feeling a bit shy, so I’ll have to snag some pics next time he’s feeling feisty. ( least my pisces…is bipolar from day to day. Shy today, bold tomorrow. It definitely helps keep things interesting. ) 🙂

I received 2 circular Luna panels to sew up. Every one I know has that one special pattern that they always come back to. Mine happens to be the swagger sweater, by George & Ginger pattern Company. It is a total fabric hog, (it generally requires at least 2 yards of fabric, even in size XXS) but is soooo worth it! Every time I make it, i fall in love with it again.

You can find the mommy and me bundle (for only $8!) Here: mommy and me swagger sweater bundle

Or the individual patterns here:

women’s swagger sweater

mini swagger sweater pattern

For the swagger sweaters,  I had a 24″ round and 48″ round. It required a little bit of tetris skill, but I was able to get the skirts all out of my rounds. (In all technicality, the bottom skirts on both shirts have a seam in the middle that isn’t according to pattern, & the size 18 months was a little smaller than the pattern piece). If I were to re-create this look or size up my pattern for the future,  I would probably grab the 58″ round panel instead,  just for a bit more surface area. 🙂

I am in love with how they came out! I used a rayon jersey blend from a Fabric Mart Fabrics apparel mystery box (also used with the crop top shirt above) and I love how the two colors look together.



Our third piece was the circle Mother Earth panel. 

This one had me a little lost for a couple days, as I wanted to really make something to showcase the circular cut of the panel. It’s the amazing bamboo lycra base, which is super silky and drapey, but also quite thick and lush.
I had several pinterest pins for different circle ideas. A friend from our tester group,  Michelle Tobey, of Sew You Think You Can Sew, came up with the most amazing top by cutting off the top corner of her medium sized circle panel after it had been folded in half long ways and short ways (in half twice, I suppose) :). As evidenced in the notes below, this process takes a lot more skill than i originally thought. She drew her “pinspiration” from the pic below

I took inspiration from pinterest as well, but also from her notes and feedback (because, I’ll be honest,  working with no real pattern or instruction on special fabric truly terrifies me. Lol) The pin I found (below) didn’t lead to any blog or site.  It was just a photo with dimensions in centimeters. So, I measured myself according to the measured points on the diagram, then went from there. 

Here is a pic (below) of the piece I cutout, after triple and quadruple checking that my circle was folded evenly along both folds. I may have also drawn all over the corner of my fabric to help get a visual of what it would be after cutting. I’m not a visual learner (100% a tactile one) and couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it until I had it in front of me.

Cutout from my panel

I cut the piece shown in the photo above, then trimmed the shoulders according to the “pattern” and my measurements, sewed up the sides, stopping approx where I thought my armpit would be. (so precise. By this time, I was getting tired. lol). I then sewed a line parallel to the fold, to create the bottom of my sleeves. cut the sleeves open on the top, then used a “rolled hem” of sorts (loosely rolled one time) to finish them off. For the binding, I used the triangular edges of the panel that I trimmed off. I pieced them together to create a single fold over binding at the cold shoulder openings  and around the neckline, using the (75% of the length of opening +1″(SA)) X 2″ neckband formula that I use for most projects.

whole world dress 6 copy.jpg


It wa’s my original intention to make a dress from the 58″ circle panel,  without having to lengthen it in any way. I am about 5’3″ and am confident that if I would have created an off the shoulder look, I could have done so. But since I had already done the binding around the shoulders and neck by that point,  I just pieced together an additional 1.5″  in length and added it to the bottom of the hem.

This project was so much fun…but the hem? It was insane! The entire panel was 58″ in diameter and it was a full circle skirt, so the hem was approx 116″ all the way around, unless I “mathed” wrong (which I’m known to do! Lol).

whole world dress 7 copy

What do you think? I’m super excited, as I’ve still got more prints to sew up, so keep your eyes peeled for updates a little closet to the end of the month!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the fun new fabrics, as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them! I’ll leave you with another juicy tidbit of a sneak peak below.  Have an amazing day and thanks for visiting (and reading my super long post!
~ April Simpson Hunt

Another round, coming soon from RP Custom Fabrics. This is Outcast Stripes!

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