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Sew, what do we wear?: little girls’ swim edition. 

Hello! Hope this post finds you well! I’ve been in summer mode, which is basically just #momlife , except more kids, longer days & tons more time in the car.

Thank goodness i have my sexy new van (with air conditioning!). We try to stay as busy as possible in the summer days and tire them out by bedtime, (coincidentally tiring myself out in the process. Oops. Lol). As a result, my posts may become fewer and father between.  Sorry in advance for the lapse. 


I did really want to share this newest test with you! It was both my first test for ms. Ajaire Parello of Designs By Call Ajaire, and my first swimsuit test! *insert excited squeal here*

This test was a lot of fun for me.  I decided to sign up for it…right before my hubby surprised me with a trip to Arkanas to visit my family. Normally, this would have been a recipe for disaster. 

Now, while Im confident that our photos could have been better (my friend /photographer had better things to do than travel 16 hours in a car with me and 4 kids. Can you imagine?  Lol)  & I was a bit more distracted than normal, I couldn’t have asked for a better test! It was a ton of fun, educational, and flowed seamlessly. As a bonus, Aquila had a brand new suit to wear while playing with her cousins at the waterpark!

*fabric info at the end of post*

g&g collection20170615_090016


Now, there are those (I’ve heard*) that curse a lot while sewing swim suits. You know how you “hear things,” right? I’ve heard that swimsuits are a big pain to make, the fabric is slippery,  there can be all kinds of fit issues, etc etc. 

I don’t happen to feel this way about swim suits. Don’t misunderstand me…. I’m not overjoyed to make them and wouldn’t go out of my way to create a swimsuit just for the heck of it. But i do love creating swimwear when the pattern is well thought out & thoroughly explained. And If I can create the suit and have my little girl swimming in it the next day, so much the better! I’m so pleased to say that this pattern fits the bill! 

 This new Sash swimsuit by Call Ajare is proving the exception to the rule, where swimwear is involved. The process was pretty painless! There were no curse words, but there WERE tons of options, a really fun, quick sew, and tons of compliments on the end result. You know what this means, right? First, it means you need to try it! Secondly, it means less work for you and more summery fun for your little girl! 


2017-06-18 09.13.57



One of my favorite things (among many!) about this pattern is the one shoulder look! I would make all of our shirts with only one strap, if possible. (I love to defy convention like that. Lol) 

 I  was very interested to see how a bathing suit would work. Between the combination of the slippery fabric AND the one shoulder thing, I thought it might prove to be a challenge. So I chose the tankini with the neckline flounce

I was also enamored with the flounce that goes around the shoulder and down to the waist, but wanted to save that version of our swimsuit for a one piece with color blocking. So stay tuned later on this week for more pretty pictures! 🙂


2017-06-16 12.47.54


I started off on the right foot….by immediately making it the wrong size. (Insert self depracating laugh here*)  please learn from my mistakes and always measure first! My daughter generally fits in sizes 12-18 months, but because she’s shot up several inches in height and gained several inches in her waist and hips, I mistakenly believed I could do an 18-24 months size. As with most things, if I had read the instructions more thoroughly before beginning, I would have known to get her trunk measurement and go from that.


 I took everything apart and trimmed it down to size. (Haha) ….If im being perfectly honest, I seam ripped for about 35 minutes before just giving up and cutting a smaller size! (Is it just me that hates seam Ripping?)  😉  Once I had the new smaller size cut and got some “practice” in, things flew together very quickly the second time.

g&g collection20170615_090112

The only adjustments I made were:

– understitching the flounce, instead of topstitching (just personal preference/aesthetic choice)

For future versions, I think I may also hem the waitband lining WITH the top layer, instead of doing them seperately. (This is because I tend to veer away from convention and use non-swim fabrics for lining, which inevitably have more or less stretch than my swim.) In the case of this suit, the lining I used was jersey, and it kept sagging down and showing. 

 **Edited to add: the portion above that has been crossed out were my original thoughts during testing. But, as mentioned at the very beginning, I was on a family trip and therefore, a little out of it, apparently. (sorry!) 

Both “adjustments” were a part of the final version of the pattern! 

**Ajaire has said that you have your option to do understitching or top stitching for the flounce, but her original vision was the full cascade effect, which can only be acheived without topstitching the flounce.


Sorry for the issues! So glad she read through this! Yet another example of how wondefully helpful she is!


the full swimsuit description reads:

“The Sash Swimsuit is a swimwear and leotard pattern designed with a one shoulder strap for an asymmetrical style that will stand out in a crowd. Two optional flounces add flare to the design while the broad one shoulder strap holds everything in place no matter what the activity. Choose the neckline flounce which cascades over the top of the suit for a touch of sweetness or make one of the signature sash flounce views to really make a statement. 

The optional long or short sleeve takes the statement even further for a truly unique look. Fully lined, in sizes newborn to 12 years, both tankini and maillot styles, an optional spaghetti strap for added modesty, and coverage that simply can’t be beat, this pattern is just right for your girl whether swimming, tumbling, or looking stylish around the pool.

*fully illustrated tutorial includes tips for sewing swimwear

*short and long sleeve option

*maillot and tankini styles

*fully lined


*tips for turning a spaghetti strap

Skill Builders:

  • Sewing swimwear
  • Working with elastic
  • Tube turning
  • Handkerchief hem
  • Colorblocking”


2017-06-18 09.13.20
Fabric requirements


Check out all the adorable versions made in our testing group!  (Below)

The pattern (as well as the other Design By Call Ajaire bathing suit patterns) are on sale until June 26th for only $5! Next week, there is also a sew along happening in the Facebook group,  so be sure to join the FB group here and grab your pattern here.


Our talented testing grop and their gorgeous little ones!


The gorgeous octopus print fabric we used is from Aurora Design Fabrics and can be found here. (Once you get onto the site, select “shop” from the drop down menu and it is on the second page.) They also have a Facebook group to help get the scoop on new prints and find discounted fabrics. That link is here. 


I’m in love with her suit! I think she loved it too! Aquila isn’t in love with water and generally just kind of puts her feet in (or runs away at top speed). Once she had her suit on, however, she was game! I couldn’t get her out of the water by the end of the day. We also received tons of compliments from people, which is always fun when it’s something I’ve made.
My favorite shot from the day is the one below. It’s not the best one at showing her suit, but is her showing off her “whip” & “nae nae” dance that her brothers taught her. I love that smile. I think I might keep her…and the cute little swimsuit too.



Watch me whip, watch me nae nae. Watch me whip, whip. Watch me Nae Nae. 🙂

I would like to thank Ajaire Parello for letting us test for her. This was our first project with her and with any hope, definitely not our last! I would also like to thank my fellow testers. While testing, the feedback found within the group is invaluable and you ladies were truly helpful. Thank you! 


Also, thank you to Kathy Simpson (my mama!) for having us, dealing with your 4 crazy grandkids and helping me take “modeling pictures” of our wiggly, running 1 year old. This trip was a blast and I’ll be missing you until the next one. 😦



5 thoughts on “Sew, what do we wear?: little girls’ swim edition. 

  1. Thanks for being such a great tester April!! She looks adorable in her little tankini! I also prefer the flounce cascading over the top as you mentioned. A few testers topstitched (and really either option is fine and doesn’t affect the overall fit), but my intent was for it to look just like yours turned out, where the topstitching is done with the flounce pushed up out of the way. Yours is so lovely!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I had my main site linked to my etsy shop, which is now closed. In the process of getting my own online shop opened, but don’t have it all set up just yet. So sorry! Thank you for trying to visit. Though!


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