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Reblog: Getting flat bias necklines by Grainline Studio – perfectly explained!

Hi all! Occasionally, I come across a stand out tutorial while doing research for a project. I recently had a patten test that called for a bias tape/banded neckline. I have never been great at these, so I was a little nervous about it. Luckily for me, the pattern had an excellent explanation, but in my search, I came across this article by Grainline Studio.


I have never seen the entire process so well explained, along with a part of the tutorial that focuses on understitching. Understitching is something I don’t use very often, as I’m a big fan of topstitching, but I find in projects like these, it is perfection.

grainline bias neckline

You can find the entire article here: Shoutout to Grainline for perfectly executing yet another amazing step by step tutorial. (see other examples of perfect tutorials about french seams here and plaid matching here. )


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