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Don’t miss out! 5 out of 4 patterns is having a 15K celebration and a massive sale!

Hey everyone!  I’ve been taking a short break from blogging to focus on my house, kids and work for a bit, but I’m back! Wanted to let you know that there is an amazing sale going on right now on all 5 out of 4 patterns. This company has some of the best swimwear patterns out there. Their “ninja” legging pattern (below) is my favorite for a lot of reasons, the number 1 of those being that the fit is perfect. 

You can read a recent post i made about the pair of ninjas below by clicking here
I haven’t had the opportunity to sew up a ton of these patterns yet, but am most excited for the agility tank, which can either be a swim top or workout top. I found a great review here if you want to read more about it. 

 Sidenote: the awesome #80smagic fabic in the above photo is from Stardust and Moonbeam Textile Company and only available for pre order through the end of this month (May). There are amazing panels and tons of coordinates from the never ending story, labrynth and the Dark Crystal all starting at $6! You can find them all here

Back to 5OO4: I just loaded up on all the patterns I’ve been waiting to get and am super excited to get started on some swim suits for baby girl and I!  At 50% off, I literally couldn’t afford to wait! The sale is going on now through through the 29th (Monday ), so rush on over and grab your code.
The link up top is my affliate link to their site,  but you will find the code once you join the facebook group. It works out well, as the group is a great source of information and support. 


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