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Rainbow baby carrier

A few weeks ago, I shared a small peek at a new project I was super excited about.  At that moment in time, the suspense was killing me….but I survived. 😉

I would like to proudly introduce you Flosstyle’s new (and my first me-made) Kanga baby carrier! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I know our straps are loose here. The photographer just happened to snap a shot while we were playing. In this photo, we were dancing and she kept bouncing/pushing off of me with her legs, then laughing hysterically. 🙂

I like doing pattern testing, especially if i know the designer running the test. Testing is always interesting, educational, and usually pretty fun as well. Then there are those biggies. The pattern you see and know will challenge you, but you figure it’s an excellent chance to push yourself.  In my experience (which isn’t much. Haha), these tests tend to be the most fulfilling. This was one of those tests.

I was nervous to begin, because I was convinced it was going to be hard. I moved slowly, triple checked EVERYTHING  and must have read the instructions enough to have memorize them.
Despite slowing myself down, the actual process went fast.  I was amazed at how detailed the entire pattern was. The list of supplies at the beginning, tips to help find everything you need, pictures and very thorough descriptions of each step. If I had been a novice sewer,  I probability could have done this pattern. It wouldn’t have finished as well, but it could be done. 

Have you often thought that you wished you could pick your carrier’s design? That you would love to create your own? Well, here is your chance! This is a soft Structured carrier that can be worn on the front or back with the baby/child facing the wearer. It encourages ergonic positioning for baby so legs are in the M shape. Its also padded and very comfortable for both wearer and baby.

3 Panel Sizes -Joey, Wallaby and Kanga
Accommodate 6kg-28kg (insert pattern coming later)
Hood and pocket are included in pattern.
It has a Single and Dual Adjust Waistband and Coloured or non coloured leg padding

Buckle Packs will be available from Bubby Buckle for those in Australia and NZ. They can also be found fairly easily on Etsy. (Comment or Send me a message if you have any questions about how to find them).

Here are a few of my personal tips (when making this pattern )

  1. If you’re in the US, don’t bother going to joanns or hobby lobby for your supplies. You can find them all there, but your webbing & hardware won’t be weight tested or cpsc compliant (means they wont be safe ). Look on Etsy or Amazon. I was lucky ebough to find a seller (SewToot, i believe) on Etsy who sold almost everything required in a pack. You can find it here. Mine was option B and the only item i needed after buying it was 2 additonal ladder locks and the quick slip keepers/belt clips)
  2. When looking for some items on the supply list, it’s possible they ate listed,  but under a differect name. The quick slip keepers in particular i couldn’t find. I found them on etsy, listed as “belt clips” and “webbing clips “
  3. Put your waistband together and sew the webbing on BEFORE you put the padding in. It will save you some time and frustration. (This tip comes courtesy of my friend amanda over at Naked Panda Designs Baby Carriers
  4.  Don’t be afraid to use a little fabric glue or stitch Witchery to keep your openings (from turning right side out) closed, or to add a bit more stability to areas you are concerned for….or to keep your webbing in place before stitching. Basically just have it and use it. Lol. (The fabric glue isn’t compliant, so it cannot be used if you plan to sell the carrier. Stitch Witchery is)
  5. If you are short and straps of normal SSCs are a bit long on you (lillebaby, tula, etc), you may want to shorten the straps by an inch or two. (Remember to shorten the webbing as well and rework the hardware setup)

I think that’s it. This pattern was so much fun to make! It’s 25% off through the end of the week, so don’t wait to buy it if you’re planning to. 🙂

This pattern was easy to follow and included photos for each step. I was nervous before starting,  thinking it would be super difficult,  but was surprised to find that once I followed the step by step instructions,  it was simple to make!
I named ours the “rainbow baby carrier”.what will you name yours?

You can find the pattern here: carrier pattern 

The Flosstyle Fair Facebook group 

Flosstyle Babywearing Patterns group : babywearing facebook group 


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