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Star Dust & Moon Beam Textile’s newest round of fabric is essentially magic 

Hi all! It’s been a minute since I have posted, as it’s been an incredibly busy few weeks here at Mermaid Mama Designs.  I have been testing patterns, sewing strike offs and processing orders for my Etsy shop every single day for the past 2 weeks! It feels great to be so busy and productive! I’m definitely looking forward to a small vacation to see family next month,  though. 🙂

But, as usual,  I digress. The purpose for my post is to share my news. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a strike off seamstress for the lovely Kris and Christina, over at Star Dust & Moonbeam Textile Company!
 I’ve followed these two ladies for awhile and applied when they ran an open call. To be honest, I didn’t expect to be chosen, as the talent in that thread was amazing! I believe there were over 500 responses. I was amazed and honored when they messaged me to add me to the group! 

Now, the Facebook group consists of both Kris and Christina working together, but they are actually 2 separate companies. Both women support each other and work very closely together for rounds, promotions, contests and orders through facebook. 
I love how they came together. Twice as many hands, brains and hearts means things get handled twice as quickly and thoroughly. The women, their assistants and their admins are incredible and work very hard to keep things running so smoothly. 

Kris is owner of Moonbeam Textile Co and Christina is the owner of Star Dust texile company

Round 21 just ended and it was run by christina. Im so sad i missed it, especially the “make it sew” panels! Hoping they come back around. Round 22 just opened and is called 80s magic and sketchy essentials. 

I’m a child of the 80s, so this round spoke to me, just begging to be fashioned into things. The movies featured on the 80s fabrics are The Dark crystal, The Never Ending Story and Fantasia. These cult classics are sweet and for most, reminiscent of simpler times or childhood. The fabric base comes in cotton lycra, bamboo lycra or double brushed poly. 

I used the Dark Crystal fabric and panels in cotton lycra to create matching mommy and me outfits for aquila and I. This fabric sewed up like a dream!  I have seldom come across such a silky, thick CL base and it was so easy to work with. The quality amazed me and left me speechless for a moment. It was just that good. (Honest opinion!) 

We got several compliments on our outfits, even from those who didn’t get the nod/reference to the 80s. But those that got it? They were overjoyed. 

I love geeky things like this, because if you are blessed enough to find someone who geeks out about the same thing, it’s like instant friendship, you know? 

For our outfits, I used the Ellie and Mac women and girls Be Fancy tanks. They come in a bundle and are 25% off right now! If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know I’m a huge fan of Ellie and Mac patterns. Lindsey really knows how to take on trend, basic wardrobe pieces and turn them into special ones that you will find yourself reaching for again and again.

  For our leggings, I went with my favorite women’s legging pattern, the ninjas by 5 out of 4 patterns . For my daughter’s, I used the bonny leggings by made for mermaids. (Free if you join their Facebook group)

All 4 pieces are quick and easy sews, which made my job even easier!  Here are a few of the other panels in the 80s collection :

Continuing on…

The other half of round 22 was this Sketchy Essentials line. These fun colored pieces can be used together or mixed and matched to create all kinds if fun looks! Here are a few of the pieces: 

Be sure to head over the Stardust and moonbeam Textile Facebook group to find out more info and to see everything else the talented seamstresses made! I am always incredibly honored and feel humbled when I look at the talent around me, within the online sewing community. To be honest,  I always feel somewhat out of my league, to be surrounded by such incredible, talented fabric designers,  pattern designers, strike off sewists and the people in our groups. There is a saying that in order that succeed, you should surround yourself by people who are where you aim to be. People who are constantly are constantly aiming higher and higher that achieve greatness. If that quote is correct, than I’ve found my spot. Every day I’m humbled and in awe of those around me. They push me to be greater, do better, and to keep moving forward. 
And for that, I’m so thankful. 


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