DIY Onbu With Padded to Wrap Straps

Love the idea of making your own. Talk about getting exactly what you need! 🙂


Today’s project is my first onbu but my 11th diy carrier at this point. I am not a professional seamstress I do no sell my carriers. I have simply combined things I have found in other tutorials or other carriers to make this carrier. I am in no way responsible for the safety of your child while wearing this carrier.  Features of this carrier

  1. Padded to wrap straps
  2. Leg out padding
  3. Hood compartment
  4. Padded protector at waist ring

Most of my directions here are based off this tutorial – from the fine and fair blog http://www.fineandfairblog.com/2013/10/tablecloth-mei-tai-tutorial-with-wrap.html 1. I simply used the printable pattern and assembled as directed… and a 60″x84″ table cloth. I would recommend about 1/2 yard of canvas or duck fabric for this project as well 2. I cut out all of my parts.

  • 3 Main body pieces – (1 – canvas or duck fabric – 2 –…

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