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Testing, testing. 2 new tops from Ellie & Mac = something for everyone!  

Hey everyone! I’ve been staying super busy, as always. Between 4 kids, working from home and homeschooling my preK kid, life is never boring.  Testing has really ramped up in the last month! I’ve been testing about 5-10 new projects per week for my favorite designers. There is also an “outside the box” (for me) pattern release on May 5th that I’m stoked to share. I also have a couple new fabric promotion gigs I will be able to share soon.  I’m terrible about keeping secrets, and the excitement is driving me mad! 🙂
First things first, though.  As you can see from past posts, I’m a big fan of my friend Lindsey Essary, over at Ellie & Mac appliques and patterns. I’ve been working with her for awhile now and I love her things. Every time she comes out with something new, I find myself getting excited to do something different. These 2 tops were no exception. 

Tuesday, the Be Fancy Tank came on the scene. This is a project that seemed like a basic tank at first, but it is anything but basic by the end. It’s the details that make it so great. It has an inverted v shape, higher in the middle and it comes to a longer point on the sides. There is also an optional fringe, which takes it up a notch and makes it super fun. 

My first version (blue) was a jersey blend (from walmart’s cheap bin) and was airy and silky. My skirt is the pirate pencil skirt from Patterns for pirates.  It’s a free pattern if you join their facebook group. 

My second version of the top was a cotton Lycra blend fromAurora Design Fabrics. Can you see the unicorns? This one was my favorite, although I cut the fringe going the wrong way (so it stretched outward) and will have to redo it. Still, I love the print and the way it floats away from my body. Here is another pic,  just for fun. 

**All the ellie and mac patterns are on sale the month of April, so be sure to grab them now!  There is a mommy and me bundle of the Be Fancy Tank that I’m planning to use for an upcoming project and I’m super excited about it! 
The second shirt, which released wednesday, was the sweetheart crop top. A crop top is not normally something I would pick for myself. But lindsey, being as sweet as she is, told us that we didn’t have to take pictures if we didn’t want to. See? Super sweet, right?

 Much to my surprise,  I ended up loving this shirt! I’m so glad I got outside my comfort zone and made it, because now I know to look for this style in the future. 

This test wasn’t without its issues. After all, women of all shapes and sizes with busts of all different shapes and sizes can be hard to accomodate. But Lindsey is a genius and the end result was totally worth all the retakes. I’m proud of how this one looks. (Especially considering my photographer was out of town this week. Hubby took the pics! )


I’m heading to bed, as I’ve already been up way too late trying to work on more pattern tests. But I will be paying for it dearly in the morning. So until next time, keep your head up and your bobbin full! Thanks for reading! 

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