Trying Ralph Lauren red extreme cologne

We were recently afforded the opportunity to tests this new cologne by Ralph Lauren. The name is Red Extreme and it promised to help us live life to the extreme. 
Now, my house consists of me and my family…Which includes a husband, 2 preteen boys and another 4 year old boy who desperately wants to be like his big brothers. So, in short, we generally have a cologne factory smell most mornings in my home. To say they were excited to test something new would be an understatement. 
My husband is a fan. He likes that the fragrance sticks around all day, even though he works very hard, long hours (7 AM – 8 PM most days). My 14 year old, dorreon, loved that it smelled unique and “spicy”. (His words). Our 11 year old says his girlfriend loved it. And the 4 year old just put too much on. 😀

All in all, I would say that I like the scent. It’s definitely a little wild. It has a kick of spice and is anything but ordinary smelling. It isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t smell like other colognes. I was not a fan of how it smelled on me, but it’s hard to find a cologne that does, as I prefer mocha and vanilla notes.
I was sent this sample free to try from influenster. If you want to review and try free products, just  click here ! 

**I received this product free to try in exchange for leaving my honest review. 


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