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My new weekly spotlight post / Mama Cassie top and dress by Made for Mermaids

Hi everyone! I’ve been kinda quiet on here lately, as I’ve devoted all my free time to working on clothing projects. I’ve been Sewing strike offs, pattern testing and creating custom items to sell in my Etsy shop. I have definitely found a new passion. I love creating Babywearing accessories, but there is a limit to the items you can create in that arena. I feel led to begin putting most of my creative juices and efforts in to the world of custom clothing. 
I wanted to post today to begin a new weekly feature in my shop. I will be featuring different patterns, fabric shops and other special things I come across. I have made it my mission to support other small businesses, and part of that mission is to help spread the love around. To share other artists’ work.

So, without further ado…Here is the Mama Cassie by Made for Mermaids! This pattern is one of my all time favorites! It’s a fun, on trend shirt or dress with tons of options

 There are 5 fun hemline options to choose from: peplum, high low peplum, mini, dress and high low dress. There are optional inseam pockets. There are 3 lengths for sleeves (short, 3/4 or long) and 2 options for the top of the sleeves (cold shoulder or off the shoulder). 

This mama cassie is perfect for date night! It has the following mods: cold shoulder, short sleeve top bodice has been mashed with Pattern for Pirates Pencil skirt. Tune in next week to hear more about P4P! Turqouise fabric is a ponte de roma from stylish fabrics and white is a thin poly blend from walmart

Combine all these features with the hacks from the Made for mermaids blog, and you have endless options to help you create the perfect spring/summer wardrobe! 

This version is the mama cassie seperates hack from the blog post (linked above) and is a banded off the shoulder top. (Band and flounce pattern pieces are free and can be found on the blog as well). Fabric is a lush DBP from Aurora Design Fabrics

Mama Cassie is also available for girls. Think this is cute for mamas? It’s adorable on little girls! You can find the girls version here.  

Long sleeve, cold shoulder mama cassie (repurposed from an old dress) with a woven peplum bottom (alexander henry peacock print)

The peplum+Cold shoulder is one of my favorite shirts ever. I love this pattern so much! Made for mermaid patterns are super easy to put together and to follow. It’s amazing. Once you’ve purchased the PDF, you can download it as many times as you want to from their site  (if you’re like me and can’t remember things, It helps make it super easy to keep track of!) 

Love this version! Perfect for spring! This mama cassie has the following options: Cold shoulder, short sleeve, dress length, with inseam pockets. Made from black scuba and a thin polyester knit print

Join the Made for mermaids Facebook group for free patterns, tips and tricks, plus tons of info on patterns, fabrics and to see tons of great pictures!

 Made for mermaids Facebook page

Made for mermaids blog
Thanks so much for coming by! I’ll be back next week with another great pattern designer, who just came out with an amazing camisole! Have a good one! 


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