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Where do I shop? (Fabric edition) with coupons, discount codes, tips and more!

Hi again! Are you a fabric lover? I am officially addicted to it. Soft, fuzzy, sheer, silky, stretchy and amazing, fabric is wonderful, in all its many forms.  

When I first started out sewing, I shopped at JoAnn’s. I still love this store. Its my 3rd favorite, based on the reasoning below: 

1.You can double or triple your coupons (by stacking the 50% off one item coupons with a 25% your total purchase coupons)

2.They have virtually every type of fabric you can imagine 

3. They always have the items I use a lot of in stock. (For my baby carrier accessories, I go though a ton of babyville snaps, metal snaps, white cotton flannel, fusible fleece interfacing, terry cloth and quilters or apparel cotton). These items stay in my shopping list, and I know i can go to JoAnn’s and have every single shopping need met.

 The downside to Shopping at JoAnn’s is that you get what you pay for, in most ways. For instance: 

  1.  their cottons and flannel tend to be thinner and fray more than name brand ones
  2. the snaps don’t grip as well 
  3. The knits are more sheer and thin (even some of the more expensive ones)

That all being said, it’s still a great place to shop. My 2nd favorite place to shop is Hobby Lobby

My reasons behind hobby lobby as my 2nd favorite fabric store? 

1.This is my go to place for the newer trends. A few months ago, everyone wanted suck pads with a black, white, coral and/or mint color scheme and HL delivered! Did they ever! They had an entire rack of prints in their apparel Dept that was all complimentary and in the same color scheme. 

2. The customer service is always fantastic and super helpful (this may just be my location though!)

3. They do offer one 40% discount on a full price item, so that’s nice to have when purchasing a big ticket item. 

4. Most of the time, their fabrics are on sale and the prices are definitely comparable to JoAnn’s.

The things that aren’t so great are

1. The 40% off coupon can only be used once per day. You could go back every day and use it, but if it’s a 30 minute drive (like mine is), it isn’t economical to use all the gas and go more

2. The quality is an issue, again. There are definitely fixes, such as finishing all your seams and pressing, prewashing, etc, that help, but at the end of the day, your pieces aren’t going to hold up as well as a Michael Miller creation would.

…which brings me to my favorite fabric shop!

 My favorite fabric shop is cotton candy fabrics. 

 click this link to get a referral discount!. (click the picture to be taken straight to their site)


It took me a little while to “convert” to using a “fabric shop” instead of a “fabric store”. Yes, there is a difference. The main difference is usually that a shop is a family owned and run business who operates either online or in a storefront (or both, like CCF), while a store is a chain representing a big corporation. the shops that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing have mostly carried name brand or high quality items and only “top shelf” notions. 

For a person like me, raised on clearance racks and goodwill, it was outside of my element to pay more than $4.50 per yard of fabric. I know, I know! Lol. I survived on remnant bins and quilters cotton for years, until one magical day when I received a custom order for some Michael Miller fabric. I found it at Cotton Candy Fabrics, where I purchased it for 8 unbelievable (to me) dollars a yard. I thought to myself “this better be woven with gold strands in it. 

….and into the rabbit hole I fell. I won’t describe the terribly long time it took me to accept that everyone in my sewing groups was right. all I will say is that they were. these are the types of things they said:

1. Using quality products saves you time and money in the long run (time spent finishing, repairing, replacing and mending items)

2. Quality cotton fabric feels so much better than generic quilters cotton. It’s stronger, softer, has a little more ease to it and the colors are so much more vivid!’s so much better to support another small business owner and help them put food on the table.

4.  Building business relationships/friendships with the people you buy goods from is such a refreshing, small town type of way…an amazing one. 

5. When you use the same small business for everything you need, they will be far more accommodating and helpful than you could ever begin to expect at a chain store. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve messaged lidia or Paul (see, first name basis.😀) With a question or request and they were there immediately to help assist me. Granted, it can’t be like that constantly, as they’re only two people. But I’ve seen them both go out of their way time and again to make sure their customers as a whole have everything they need, even ordering specialty elastic or fabric specifically for one of us. It’s refreshing and awe inspiring to watch. I hope to be half as good at customer service as them one day! 🙂
…I could go on and on. These things werent even the thing that won me over. What won me over? Lidia’s shipping skills! Hands down. She had my order processed and shipped within 1 hour. It was in my hands across more than a few States in two days, and her packing level is expert. (She would win a game of tetris for sure, and I’m halfway convinced she’s a military brat like me, if she can pack things that well 😉 ) 

CCF facebook page here

CCF facebook group (immediate answers, help with sewing issues, etc)

I didn’t even get into the difference all the quality products have made on my business model, how much more efficient I am now, how I never get returns any more and how I have a “fabric lady” on call…but I think you get the picture. This and so many other reasons are why Cotton Candy Fabrics has my business for life. Check them out when you can! Don’t forget to use this link for a 10% discount and if you create an account, let them know if you own a small business too and you will get their small business discount. See? Awesome, right? 

They also have a great YouTube channel with tutorials for wetbags, totes, dresses, kids clothes and more! Here’s the link: Cotton Candy Fabrics youtube channel

Thanks for reading my ramblings! Have a great night! 


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