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If You Give A Mouse A Cookie individual sensory bins (preschool / kindergarten) 

I recently enrolled my son in an amazing christian, parent-led homeschool co-op preschool (wow, that’s a mouthful. Haha). Each mama gets to teach one of the classes for the group. The class I get to teach is Sensory Exploration. 
We have a different book for each week that we base our reading and activities around. This week’s book was 🍪 If You Give A Mouse A Cookie 🍪 by Laura Numeroff.
 If you haven’t read the book with your kids yet, you must! Its a sweet story about a mouse who gets sidetracked when he does just about everything. He sits down to eat a cookie, but he realizes he needs milk to go with it. Then he gets the milk, but then discovers he needs a straw, and on and on the story goes. Its fun, sweet and appropriate because it’s basically a day in the life of a toddler or preschool mom. 

For my sensory activity, I didn’t want to be predictable and do a sensory bin, but I wanted to incorporate all the different elements of the book in a way the children could see, touch and think about. So, I did what all mothers do….I Pinterested (haha). The best sensory activity I could find for this book was a sensory bin, put together by an amazing mama with an incredible (and helpful!) blog. You can visit the Enchanted Homeschooling Mom’s page and read all about it there. I basically took some of her ideas and made them smaller and made each child their own. It worked wonderfully, especially since no one had to share!

The items included: 

– small plastic container with a lid for each child (baby food jars, mayo or peanut butter jars, plastic containers from dollar tree, etc)

– small mirror 

– mouse “bed” (in the story, it was a box. We used a little container and Terry cloth fabric I had lying around)

– small handheld brooms 

– larger plastic container for cereal, so children can scoop it into their bins 
-mouse size cookies (cookie crisp cereal)

– mouse size milk jugs (instructions below)

– mouse size cups (kids medicine cups)
– mouse size straw (cut up straws)

– mouse size napkins (cut up paper towel)

– mouse size story books (instructions below)

– mouse size sheet of paper and crayon

– mouse size broom (instructions below)

– mouse size toothbrush and toothpaste (toothbrush not pictured because it walked off during my lesson, never to be seen again. 🙂
That’s it! I spent about 30-40 minutes at dollar tree,then about an hour putting everything together, and it was all worth it to see them have such fun! 
The larger brooms and mirror were unneccessary and can be done without. I just wanted to add a few more things they could take turns using, like the mouse had in the story. I honestly think they had more fun playing with the mouse size versions more!
For the milk jugs, I simply searched for a milk carton cutout to see what general shape I would need, then made them, cut them out and glued them. I believe they were 4.25″ X 3″ rectangles. See pic below for a reference point.

The little brooms were short 1″ pieces of raffia tied together with twine, until I hot glued the ends into the end of a straw, then I took the twine off. 
The little books were small strips of paper, stapled in the middle and I drew a children’s book name on the front (Goodnight Moon is one of my favorites)
The crayons were just tips broken off cheap dollar tree crayons. 🙂
Please feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions! 


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