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How to make baby barefoot sandals / ribbon shoes / photo props

My daughter will NOT wear shoes. (She’s her mothers child, what can I say. Lol. ) I have tried soft soled shoes, hard soled shoes, ballet slippers and everyhing in between. Her feet are also super wide, which doesn’t help, as it makes most shoes super tight. 

I saw a pic of these little doodads online once and thought they were just the cutest thing. It just so happens they’re crazy simple to make, too! Here is my version of a tutorial. Its my first how-to, so if I screw it up or you don’t understand it, just comment below or send me a message and I will gladly explain further.
Items you need:

– a glue gun

– some ribbon or a pre-made flower

-decorative or regular elastic or stretchy ribbon 

You can find all these items in the craft area at most stores, but will find a bigger selection at craft or fabric stores like hobby lobby, michaels, etc)

If you’re using ribbon to make a flower, fold it into little loops (think S curves) then spread them into a circle. Pin into place to hold, then place dabs of hot glue between a few of the layers, in the middle. Make 2. Set them aside to dry.

Take elastic and use baby’s ankle to measure how big to make it. Pin the end of elastic in place. Loop more elastic from the roll around the middle of baby’s foot. Cut a few extra centimeters away from where you measured. The elastic should resemble a figure 8 that Is a little top heavy. 😂

Glue both ends of elastic in place, making sure that they meet in the middle on the bottom. Hot Glue the ends in place and let dry. (only takes a few seconds), then go back and glue flower or ribbon flower into the top in the middle of the elastic figure 8.
Hope that all made sense. They are a lot easier than the directions seem, I promise. If you’re good with common sense, you can probably make them look better than mine on your own. 😃
I would love to see your version! Show me what you got!


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