family life · motherhood

My first child

This little man right here. 😍
He is the sweetest, most headstrong, fun loving, active and smartest 3 year old I know. He makes my ❤ melt, then turns around and makes me so mad I could scream. Lol. He’s a scorpio, and while I never had a big belief in zodiac signs being the ultimate truth as far as personality goes…he’s definitely a scorpio. He will be cool calm and collected, then out of nowhere, a fiery burst of temper that seems too big for his little stature. And then he will make up for it by giving you a “gift”. Any little trinket, really, but usually one of his most prized posessions. 
I love him. So much. Too much, really. He has me wrapped around his cute little finger and he knows it. I was so worried that our relationship would change when the baby came. And it has. But not as drastically as I feared. He’s just grown more independent and more helpful. 
He’s growing so fast. They all do. But especially him, it seems, because he’s my first. And as much as I try to make sure I stay present and watch him grow, I feel I miss too much, due to work and the baby and just…life. I hope he realizes how very much I love him. Without him, my world, while still full of people I love, would be colorless. He brings the color to my days. Every single color….for every emotion under the sky. 
Love love love my little prince. 


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