About me / my reasons for blogging

​I’m April. I’m a married, work from home mother to 4 amazing kiddos. I love many things, not the least of which are reading, water sports, baking, DIY home projects, and sewing. I own a small business, where I specialize in baby carrier accessories, fun family fashion and unique home furnishings.

As a newly married, new mother to 4, (my husband and I had a baby,  AND gained full custody of my 2 stepsons within 2 days of each other this year) I spent the beginning of this year drowning in responsibility, being stressed to the max and wondering if I was ever going to regain my sanity. I was mad at the world, and I directed most of it towards my toddler and husband. (I still haven’t figured out WHY I was so angry.) I realized quickly that if I didn’t do something quickly, I was going to lose myself completely and never, ever regain my sanity. 

I began reading. But that didn’t work. I became engrossed in one book after another. I wasn’t any happier. I was just escaping, and having to “come back” to reality stressed me out further. I tried gardening. Yeah, no. (lol) I like being outdoors, but not for extended periods of time and DEFINITELY not for something resembling work! Then I remembered that I knew how to sew.

I haven’t sewn anything in years, but just the thought of doing so made me so very happy. I figured I would give it a shot. So I made something I had been drooling over on Etsy (a bib cover and suck pads for my lillebaby baby carrier. see below)…and fell in love! I love being able to create something with my hands. I like having to try and figure out how to make things without patterns and I love completing a one of a kind piece. There’s such a satisfaction in knowing that you did everything yourself. Creative thought process to design to creation to completion….all you. It’s a pretty good feeling. What’s even better is that it’s something I can breakdown over the course of the day or week. If a kid falls, cries, needs to sleep, is hungry, etc, I can just take a break. It works perfectly with my crazy days.

That’s my story.

I began this blog as a business site, to draw in traffic for my Etsy shop. What I discovered in the meantime was that I LOVE to write. Definitely not about business stuff. I suck at making tutorials. (It’s hard to document and photograph a creative process when you have a toddler, baby and 2 pre teens!) I love to write about the day to day happenings that are funny, exasperate me, or that bring me joy. I can’t promise that what I write will always be inspirational, amazing…or even unique. What I do promise is that it will all be 100% authentic. Authenticity is the most important thing in life. A life lived for anyone else isn’t really a life at all. I believe we should be honest and true to ourselves in all things. This is what makes a life truly remarkable. 

It’s nice to meet you, and I hope you enjoy this peak into my world as much as I know I’ll love sharing it with you! If you want to know anything more, just ask. I’m an open book. 🙂


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