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Shopping letdowns…in more ways than one.

I used to hate shopping. I’m never known why that is, exactly. It could be that I’m CHEAP. And I don’t mean that in a funny, cute or even responsible way. I’m just plain cheap. I shop clearance aisles, goodwill, eBay and bargain hunt/liquidation stores before i even set foot in a store to purchase something I have my mind set on. I never pay more than $5 for a shirt or pair of pants, I’m not satisfied to pay retail price for anything and if I think the item is too expensive, I’ll just do without.
I used to coupon, which makes this flaw of mine that much more serious. Once you’re used to getting things free, being paid from the store to buy things or getting them at close to nothing, it’s virtually impossible to pay full price again. my favorite couponing site here.

But I digress. I have recently begin to enjoy shopping (unless it’s grocery shopping. But i think everyone hates grocery shopping, am I right?) So now, when I’m searching for something particular or working on a project, I’m happy to head to the store. The problem comes when I get to the register. It seems that no matter how hard I work to calculate my total, how many coupons I use, (not very many these days) or how well I’ve stuck to my list, there are 2 things that always happen.

1. I go over my allotted budget.

2. I forget something.

I’ve tried lists. I’ve used the calculator app on my phone. I’ve calulated tax. I’ve written myself notes on my phone, hand and in my wallet. I’ve left the kids at home with dad (they were distracting me). I’ve given myself a bigger budget. (Seemed like a good idea. Hubby opposed the last 2 tactics vehemently. ) 😁
So today I took the baby and she and I went to JoAnn’s. This is my favorite store and she’s my favorite kid (0-6months is my favorite age for a reason. After that, stuff just gets harder.) *please don’t tell the other kids. I would totally have a riot on my hands, and I’m outnumbered 4-1* 😉 I had 2 50% off coupons for 1 item each, a coupon for 30% off my whole shopping trip, plus everything was on sale. Pretty good odds, right? I purchased 1 pair of snap pliers ($20),  1 bag of snaps ($8), 1.5 yards of fabric at $7.99 per yard/30%off that and my 30% off on top (approx. $4.80), a 2 pack of scissors ($19.99), 3 spools of ribbon ($3).

The coupon should have taken 50% off the 2 biggest items, making the snap pliers and the scissors $10 each. So, by my calculations, I should have been in the vicinity of $35.80. It was $48.57.  😯😒😨 Before coupons, it was almost $100.
While I love shopping there, PLUS I should have been chalk full of dopamine from an in-store mobile nursing session, I still felt like I lost a game. (sidenote:who else’s baby wants to nurse on demand once you get to the store…then expose you to everyone? Every. Single. Time. Next time I’ll document it with a photo 🙂 )

Is it just me? I feel like I’m going head to head with a budget, a list (and most of the time a clock) when I’m shopping. They always win. But one of these days…I will. I just know it. 🙂
Pic below of my chunk. Just for smiles. She makes a great shopping companion 🙂


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