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Way too high expectations


Hello everyone! I had decided to do a tutorial to these beautiful suck pads for my first post on here. But, alas, it took longer to get reacquainted with the sewing machine than I had imagined. I also forgot to take photos throughout the process. Such is the life of a mother of 4.


I have begun sewing projects to add to my store. I’m so excited about this process. I should add that I haven’t used a sewing machine in about 15 years at this point. But luckily, it was like riding a bike. The machine and I are now well acquainted and working well together. Our first set of suck pads is complete and I am working on a bib cover today. After this, I would love to master the slipcover. Wish me luck! Eventually, you will be able to find everything in my My etsy store, but for now, they will be posted here as they are finished. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at:

Or visit My facebook page!


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